Past FDD Intern Program Speakers

Khairi Abaza, FDD senior fellow and expert on democratic reform in the MENA

Ambassador Richard Carlson, former FDD vice chairman, ambassador to the Seychelles, Voice of America director

Department of Defense intelligence analyst, former FDD student fellow

Department of Defense military intelligence analyst, former FDD intern

David Donadio, FDD’s communications director

FDD Academic Fellow, former officer in the United States Marine Corps, former professor at the US Naval Academy’s Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies, 

Mark Dubowitz, executive director of FDD and head of FDD’s Iran Energy Project and Iran Human Rights Project

Reuel Marc Gerecht, FDD senior fellow and former specialist at the CIA's Directorate of Operations

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, military affairs fellow and director of FDD’s National Security Fellows Program

Rebeccah Heinrichs, FDD adjunct fellow specializing in missile defense, former Military Legislative Assistant for a House Armed Services Committee Member

Dr. Michael Ledeen, FDD Freedom Scholar and former consultant to the National Security Council, the State Department, and the Defense Department

Clifford May, president of FDD, former reporter and foreign correspondent and advisor to the Iraq Study Group

Dr. Walid Phares, National Defense University professor and a Fox News Channel
Middle East and Terrorism Expert

Professor specializing in Iranian politics and foreign policy at GWU’s Elliott School of International Affairs

Claudia Rosett, FDD’s journalist-in-residence, foreign policy columnist for, investigative journalist

Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, FDD’s vice president of research and former terrorism finance analyst at the U.S. Department of the Treasury