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Aker Wirth




In March 2009, Aker Solutions formally acquired Wirth GmbH, according to a company press release (Aker Solutions Press Release, March 2, 2009). With the purchase, Wirth became Aker Wirth, a subsidiary of Aker Solutions.

Aker Wirth's website indicates that the company has corporate offices in Tehran (Aker Wirth Website, accessed June 17, 2010).

Past & Ongoing Deals:

In its list of customers and references, Aker Wirth highlights recent and ongoing projects, including a metro tunnel in Esfahan, and water tunnels in Iran (Aker Wirth Website, accessed June 17, 2010).

Aker Wirth is participating in an ongoing onshore rig project with Kala Naft, NIOC's overseas trading arm, according to its website (Aker Wirth Website, accessed June 17, 2010). Kala Naft was designated by the U.S. Treasury in June 2010 (U.S. Treasury Press Release, June 16, 2010)

Commentary Magazine reports that Aker Wirth is participating in a project with a company owned by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The Iranian tunnel project is overseen by IRGC company Sahel Consulting Engineers (Commentary, July-August 2008). The welcome sign on the project's site illustrates this link, as the sign bears the IRGC's logo, published on the Aker Wirth's subsidiary firm's website (WPS Group Website, accessed June 17, 2010).

A report published by The Aspen Institute noted that Wirth's activities in Iran are "not subject to any restrictions or embargoes, yet intelligence reports have repeatedly suggested that much of Iran's clandestine nuclear program is being built deep underground, in bunkers that are accessible through tunnels – tunnels which only such technology could build" (Aspenia International, May 2008).

U.S. Business Ties: Aker Wirth's parent company, Norwegian-based Aker Solutions, and its subsidiary companies maintain offices across the United States (Aker Solutions Website, accessed June 17, 2010).

According to, Aker Solutions has received $6,306,018 in contracts from the United States government in the last 10 years, the majority of which came from the Department of Defense (, accessed June 17, 2010).

Aker Solutions company spokesman Jannick Lindbaek stated to The New York Times that Aker does not currently have any business in Iran, but that the company is not barred from selling products to Iran (The New York Times, March 12, 2010).