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Date: October 1999

Deal: In 1999, Alstom received an order for 100 diesel-electric locomotives for passenger and commercial use by Iran's state railway company. According to a company press release, the deal was worth approximately $202 million, and as it progressed, Alstom worked with its local partner, Pars Wagon, to assemble some of the locomotives in Iran (Alstom Press Release, October 27, 1999).

Date: February 2002

Deal: In February, according to a company press release, Alstom announced that it had received a contract from the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) for "50 industrial gas turbine compressor sets to be installed in 18 compressor stations on the IGAT pipeline system for gas transportation within Iran." The deal was worth about €375 million. The Oil and Turbocompressor Company of Iran (OTC), a company specially formed "to deal with all aspects of the Iranian supply," was responsible for coordinating the equipment's delivery (Alstom Press Release, February 20, 2002).

Date: August 2002

Deal: In August 2002, according to a press release, Alstom won a contract from the Iranian firm MAPNA Investment Company and the UAE-based Napna International. The deal was worth about €200 million. Alstom provided gas turbine equipment and services to the Bandar Abbas region for the Hormozgan power plant (which was scheduled to begin operations in 2004) to "help to meet the growing demand for electrical power in Iran" (Alstom Press Release, August 29, 2002).

Date: February 2007

Deal: In 2007, Alstom stated on its website it had won a contract from FATA S.p.A. in Italy to supply gas treatment plants to the Hormozal Aluminum Smelter in southern Iran (Alstom Website, February 21, 2007).

Alstom's Transport division reportedly has an office in Tehran, but it claims that the company does not have any active transportation systems in Iran (Alstom Transport Website, accessed June 15, 2010).

According to The New York Times, Alstom company spokesman Patrick Bessy claims that his company has not sold anything to Iran in several years (The New York Times, March 12, 2010).

Ties to U.S. Business: In June 2010, Alstom Power inaugurated its largest manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee, according to a company press release (Alstom Press Release, June 25, 2010).

According to company press releases, Alstom has supplied the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) with subway cars (Alstom Press Release, November 10, 2008).

Alstom has also received several U.S. government contracts, including $7.2 million in 2009, and $15.5 million in 2013 (, accessed August 20, 2014).

Last Updated: August 20, 2014