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Casale Group



Comprised of Ammonia Casale, Urea Casale, Methanol Casale and Casale Chemicals, the Casale Group is wholly owned by Casale Holding. According to its website, Casale Group maintains an office in Tehran, Iran (Casale Group Website, accessed July 17, 2013).

Date: March 2008

Deal: According to Iran's Mehr News Agency, Ammonia Casale S.A. inked a contract with Iran's National Petrochemical Company (NPC) "to buy the license for [the] establishment of three ammonia producing units in Zanjan, Golestan, and Lordegan petrochemical complexes." The deal was worth €18 million (Mehr News Agency (Iran), March 10, 2008). According to an industry publication, each plant will produce 2,050 tons of ammonia per day, and Iranian companies will complete the engineering and construction (Steel Guru, March 12, 2008).

Additionally, according to Ammonia Casale's parent company, the Casale Group, Ammonia Casale has licensed its technology to Iran's Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC) (Casale Group Press Release, April 17, 2008).

U.S. Business Ties: Ammonia Casale's parent company, the Casale Group has offices and business operations in the United States. However, according to, the company has not received any contracts from the federal government since 2000 (, accessed June 17, 2010).

Last Updated: July 17, 2013