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In March 2011, Finmeccanica announced that it sold 45 percent of its subsidiary Ansaldo Energia to American firm, First Reserve Corporation, according to a company press release. First Reserve is a private investment firm focusing on the energy sector (First Reserve Corporation Press Release, March 9, 2011).

Date: 1999 – 2005

Deal: According to the company's website, in July 1999, Ansaldo Energia signed a contract with Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (MAPNA), a company affiliated with Iran's energy ministry, to supply 32 simple-cycle gas turbine (GT) units (Ansaldo Energia Current Projects, accessed April 5, 2013). According to an Ansaldo Energia publication, the €870 million deal was a "supply and technology transfer contract" to increase Iran’s capacity to generate electrical power (Power Generation News, 2005).

According to MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Manufacturing Company’s website (TUGA), the project got underway in 2000 (TUGA Website, accessed April 5, 2013).

Date: 2003

Deal: According to an Ansaldo Energia publication, the company was awarded a service contract in early 2003 by Iran’s Loshan Electric Power Generation Management Company. In the contract, Ansaldo Energia agreed to upgrade two gas turbines at the Gilan Power Plant. The work was expected to take roughly 60 days to complete (Power Generation, First Quarter 2006)

Date: July 2003 - Unclear

Deal: According to Ansaldo Energia publication, the company signed an agreement with Iran's MAPNA to provide the three of six gas turbines for the South Esfahan power station in Iran. The first three turbines “"for the plant were built entirely in the Company's [Ansaldo Energia's] workshops and imported into Iran under the terms of a contract which stipulates that the gas turbines and generators for units 4, 5, and 6 will be built locally [within Iran]” (Power Generation News, 2006).

Ties with U.S. Business: According to, Ansaldo Energia has not received any U.S. government contracts (, accessed August 20, 2014).

Last Updated: August 20, 2014