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Bahram Reshite-Ahmadi

Position: Deputy Prosecutor in Tehran

Sanctions: European Union (May 23, 2012)

In May 2012, the European Union sanctioned Bahram Reshite-Ahmadi committing human rights violations. In his position as the Deputy Prosecutor in Tehran, Reshite-Ahmadi is in charge of the Evin prison prosecution center, known for torture and maltreatment of prisoners. Reshite-Ahmadi has continually denied rights to the prisoners, particularly of those who are human rights defenders and political prisoners, according to the Official Journal of the European Union.[1]

[1]The Council of the European Union, “Council Regulation (EU) No 264/2012 of 23 March 2012 amending Regulation (EU) No 359/2011 Concerning Restrictive Measures Directed Against Certain Persons, Entities, and Bodies in View of the Situation in Iran.” Official Journal of the European Union, March 24, 2012, p. 30. (