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BASF has two offices in Tehran, BASF Iran AG and Iranian BASF Construction Chemicals Private Joint (BASF Website, accessed June 18, 2010). The New York Times reported that BASF has done business in Iran since 1959. However, according to a company spokesman, BASF complies with all legal and trade regulations (The New York Times, March 12, 2010).

BASF Iran's website notes that the company's activities in Iran include all of BASF's products and services, with a special emphasis on emerging fields such as petrochemicals, fibers and automobiles (BASF Iran's Website, accessed June 11, 2010). BASF's business operations in Iran earned it €70 million in 2005, and €42 million in 2006, according to a Middle East news publication. (Global Arab Network, January 14, 2010).

U.S. Business Ties: BASF has been in the North American market since 1958, when it formed a joint venture with Dow Chemical (BASF Website, accessed June 11, 2010). Today, it has 55 subsidiaries operating in 17 of the United States (BASF Website, accessed June 11, 2010).

In FY 2009, BASF had two government contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Agriculture, totaling $43,944.62 (, accessed June 11, 2010). According to The New York Times, BASF has sold chemical products to the U.S. military (The New York Times, March 12, 2010).