Dominion Energy PLC (United Kingdom)


Date: 2007 - Unclear

Deal: In its 2007 Annual Report, Dominion Energy reported that “certain returnable deposits amounting to GBP3.1 million (2006: GBP1.6million) have been made to maintain participation in Iranian projects under consideration, for which no contracts have been signed” (Dominion Energy Annual Reports and Accounts, June 30, 2007).

In 2009, Dominion Energy reported that it deposited $3.19 million to participate in an Iranian project that it had under consideration (Dominion Energy Annual Reports and Accounts, June 30, 2009).

On its website, Dominion Energy states that it is currently heading a consortium of nine Canadian companies to continue operations in the Northern Persian Gulf region, but does not give a specific location (Dominion Energy PLC Company website, accessed April 1, 2013).

U.S. Business Ties:

According to its website, Dominion Energy “developed early-stage oil projects” in Kansas until 2006 via its subsidiary, Dominion Oil USA Corporation. In November 2006, Dominion Energy PLC sold Dominion Oil USA Corporation in order to focus on projects in North Africa (Dominion Energy PLC company website, accessed March 29, 2013).

According to, Dominion Energy has never received money from the U.S. government (, accessed March 29, 2013).