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Date: January 2008 - 2012

Deal: Reuters reported that in January 2008, the National Iranian Oil Company and the Italian utility company Edison signed a contract worth $107 million to develop the Dayyer offshore oil block (Reuters, January 9, 2008). A little over a year later, AFX and Rigzone quoted Pietro Cavanna, Edison's head of oil and gas assets, announcing that the company would begin drilling by the end of 2009 (AFX & Rigzone, February 15, 2009).

In July 2012, Edison confirmed that it will withdraw from its contract to explore the Dayyer offshore oil block, The Wall Street Journal reported (The Wall Street Journal, July 9, 2012).

Ties to U.S. Business: Edison does not appear to have any business interests in the United States and it has not received any contracts or grants from the U.S. federal government, according to (, accessed June 24, 2010).

Last Updated: July 8, 2014