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May 2015

Disputed Borders and the Struggle for Order: Addressing Security Threats in the Middle East

13th May 2015 - 11:30 AM

With continued Hezbollah activity emanating from Lebanon, Iran and the IRGC trying to set up a base of operations in the Golan Heights, the decline of the Assad regime in southern Syria, and rising tensions in the Sinai Peninsula, Israel's security situation has become increasingly complex and dangerous. What is the Israeli security outlook for the near and mid-term future?

April 2015

Washington Forum 2015

15th April 2015 - 9:00 AM

The theme for this year's Washington Forum is "Wars of the Islamic World: America as Actor or Spectator?" FDD’s Washington Forum brings together foreign and national security professionals, diplomats and members of Congress provide insightful analysis and astute perspectives on the most complex national security issues facing America. The discussions will aim to address, among other questions-- Is the tide of war receding -- or rising? Are the nation-states of the Middle East collapsing? If so, what’s next? Can the media cover jihadists and Islamists without fear or favor? What are the chances for stability and tolerance in the Islamic World?

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March 2015

Iranian Hegemony in the Levant and Beyond

6th March 2015 - 9:30 AM

The Islamic Republic of Iran now has a firm grasp on four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, and Sana‘a. Iran has used its assets—Hezbollah and Iraq's Shiite militias—to extend its reach and entrench its influence.


February 2015

CSIF Conference – The New Financial Wars

24th February 2015 - 1:00 PM

FDD celebrated the launch of its Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance with a conference titled "The New Financial Wars: The Convergence of Illicit Finance, Economic Power, and National Security." The event brought together more than 200 government officials, policy professionals, and scholars for an afternoon of lively discussion on the critical role of economic power and financial warfare in U.S. national security.

December 2014

Bordering on Terrorism: Turkey’s Syria Policy and the Rise of the Islamic State

19th December 2014 - 9:30 AM

A recent FDD report chronicles the flow of jihadists and money to the Islamic State (IS) through Turkey's southwestern border. The IS crisis has put Turkey and the U.S. on a collision course, as Ankara refuses to allow the coalition to launch strikes from its air bases, while IS has established cells on its soil. Turkey’s intransigence has raised serious questions about its value and relaibility as an American ally and its place in the NATO alliance.

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