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Gas Natural




Date: June 2010 - Unclear

Deal: The Croatian Times reported in June 2010 that Gas Natural SDG and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) are planning to build a liquefied natural gas terminal in Croatia. The project is expected to cost €700 million and come online by 2015 (The Croatian Times, June 8, 2010).

A few days after The Croatian Times ran the story, Gas Natural sent it a letter denying "having any interest in this project" (The Croatian Times, June 10, 2010). The current status of the project is unclear.

U.S. Business Ties: The California Department of Insurance included Gas Natural on its most recent list of companies that do business with the Iranian energy, nuclear and defense sectors (The California Department of Insurance).

According to, the company did not receive any U.S. government contracts or grants between 2000 and 2010 (, accessed June 30, 2010).

Last Updated: July 2014