Harbin Electric International Company Limited (China)


According to the company website, Harbin Electric was founded in 1983 and is currently the leading Chinese company in power project contracting and the export of power equipment (Harbin Electric International Company Website, Accessed July 8, 2013). Harbin lists both the Masjed-E-Soleyman and Kakheh Hydropower projects, both located in Iran, amongst their completed projects (Harbin Electric International Company Website, Accessed July 8, 2013).

Date: December 1999 - 2002

Deal: In December 1999, the Iranian news agency IRNA reported that Iran signed a contract with Harbin for two 55-megawatt thermal power plants. The two power plants were reportedly part of the development of the Esfahan steel mill. The contract was to be carried out over the course of three years. (IRNA accessed via BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, December 25, 1999). (accessed via LexisNexis)

Date: 2002

Deal: According to Harbin’s website, the company worked on Monij Hydropower Station in Iran in 2002 (Harbin Electric International Company Website, accessed July 10, 2013). Further details on the nature of the project are not available.

Date: January 2013

According to Harbin’s website, Harbin signed a contract with Iran for the company’s first international hydropower project in 2013 (Harbin Electric Machinery Company Limited Website, January 29, 2013).

Ties to U.S. Business: According to USASpending.gov and the Federal Procurement Database, Harbin Electric International has not received any United States government funding in the last ten years (Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation, accessed July 8, 2014).

Lsat Updated: July 8, 2014