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Hossein Allahkaram

Position: Ansar-e Hezbollah Chief and IRGC Colonel

Sanctions: European Union (April 12, 2011)

In April 2011, the European Union named Hossein Allahkaram as an individual subject to sanctions for human rights violations. The Official Journal of the European Union reported that through his leadership of the Iranian militant group Ansar-e Hezbollah, Allahkaram was responsible for extreme violence during crackdowns against students and universities on numerous occasions. [1]

According to the Associated Press, Allahkaram called for the hanging of Hashem Aghajari, an Iranian academic who challenged the state’s interpretation of Islam in 2002. As part of this effort, Ansar-e Hezbollah led a 1,000-person demonstration calling for Aghajari’s hanging. [2]

[1]The Council of the European Union, “Council Regulation (EU) No 359/2011 of 12 April 2011 Concerning Restrictive Measures Directed Against Certain Persons, Entities, and Bodies in View of the Situation in Iran.” Official Journal of the European Union, April 14, 2011, p. 100/6.

[2]“Iranian Hard-liners Support Death Sentence for Scholar,” Associated Press, November 16, 2002. (