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Hossein Hamedani

Position: Head of the IRGC’s Rassoulollah Corps in Tehran

Sanctions: European Union (April 12, 2011)

In April 2011, the European Union identified Hossein Hamedani as one of the men responsible for human rights violations in Iran, and announced that he would be subject to sanctions. The Rassoulollah Corps, which Hamedani heads, is responsible for security in Greater Tehran, and the group had a significant role in the violent crackdowns against protesters throughout 2009.[1]

As the opposition movement continued its efforts to organize and protest in February 2011, CNN quoted Hamedani commented, “We definitely see them [the opposition movement] as enemies of the revolution and spies, and we will confront them with force.”[2]

As he noted more pointedly in a Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty report, “The seditionists are nothing but a dead corpse and we will strongly confront any of their movements.”[3]

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