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Iran Press Review: 02 Sept.


  • Iran’s Supreme Audit Court is investigating the direct transfer of large sums of cash to private bank accounts of former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and several of his deputies which allegedly were meant to be used for the establishment of a university. 
  • Mehdi Chamran wins the election as Tehran Islamic City Council Chairman. 
  • Al Jazeera reports on a former First Vice-President’s conviction in Iran:
    • "Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Iran's first vice president under former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been sentenced to prison and fined."
    • "Iranian media previously reported that Rahimi, 65, was on trial for corruption."

Foreign Policy

  • Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafanjani, Chairman of the Expediency Council, discusses broader foreign policy issues with think tank analysts of the Expediency Council’s Secretariat:
    • "Many opportunities were made into threats in the last couple of years... Why should our neighbors - in cooperation with the enemies of Iran - accept to sell their oil cheaper?"
    • Commenting on the crisis in Ukraine, Rafsanjani said: "If [the crisis] is not properly managed, and should the states act based upon their [narrow?] national interests, the psychological energy security of the West will be harmed." 
  • Jomhouri-ye Eslami's Jalil Hassani editorializes on the crisis in Ukraine: 
  • "Obviously, the Russians know the price and consequences of their policy in Ukraine, but their serious determination to continue those policies and deeds [in Ukraine] reveal their anger and wrath against the West's attempt at encroaching upon their interests and the West infiltrating well behind the frontiers of Russia... The West, which currently finds itself in the dead end of Ukraine, very much wants to find an honorable exit from it. The crisis in Ukraine, questions the pride and strength of the West..." 
  • Parliamentarian Mehdi Kouchakzadeh demands an explanation from the Foreign Ministry in the wake of the government of Norway expelling Iranian students studying sensitive subjects at Norwegian universities. 
  • Mashregh News runs a backgrounder on "how the Zionist lobby managed" to "control" foreign policy of France. 
  • Ali Majedi, Petroleum Ministry International Affairs and Commerce Director, is appointed Ambassador to Germany. 
  • Hamid Moayer is appointed Ambassador to Romania. 
  • Mohammad Rezaei, the Foreign Ministry’s Head of Protocol, is appointed Ambassador to Columbia. 
  • Reza Shafiee, Foreign Ministry Internal Education Director, is appointed Ambassador to Bolivia. 
  • Ali-Asghar Khaji, Europe and Americas Director, is appointed Ambassador to China. 
  • Mostafa Boroujerdi, Foreign Ministry College Dean, is appointed Ambassador to Tunisia. 
  • "Sudanese media speculated that the expulsions were linked to government concerns that Iranian officials were promoting their Shi'ite brand of Islam in the largely Sunni country, but there was no confirmation from authorities."
  • Appointments:
  • Reuters reports that Iran’s diplomats have been expelled from Sudan. Additional reporting notes that:

Military and Security

  • Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, military adviser to the Supreme Leader, addresses the Revolutionary Guards commanders in Kerman:
    • "The Islamic Republic of Iran has managed to have the main impact on West Asia, and the Americans are forced to give concessions to Iran because Iran has the upper hand." 
    • "Helping Islamic liberation movements engaged in Jihad [holy war] against the Zionist regime, is in line with [expanding Iran's] strategic depth in the face of potential threats of this criminal regime against the Islamic revolution, and must continue." 
  • Mohsen Pak-Ayin, Islamic Republic Ambassador to Baku, saysAzeri authorities have "strongly dismissed" rumors of the downed Israeli drone being launched from the Republic of Azerbaijan. 
  • The Islamic Republic’s Air Defense Commander Amir-Farzad Esmaeili, presents the Kayhan radar system to members of the media: 
  • "The Kayhan radar is a two dimensional radar, capable of detecting distance, angle, direction and speed of targets capable of showing, and tracking conventional, stealth, bombers and transport planes...The range of the radar is more than 100 kilometers, and the data is transferred through optic fiber." 
  • Resalat-News reports that Ala al-Din Boroujerdi, Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Parliament proclaimed that: "DAESH (ISIS/IS) is the handiwork of and supported by America."
  • "A peshmerga commander in Suleiman Beg acknowledged the part played by Iranians in the assault on Islamic State positions. "The Iranians had a role in this. They supplied weapons and helped with the military planning," he said on condition of anonymity."
  • Reuters reports on the activities of Iran inside Iraq:

Nuclear Issue 

  • Mohsen Rezaie, Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council notes with reference to economic sanctions that "If the oppressive sanctions of the West against the nation and government of Iran do not terminate by the end of this year, we will break them."
  • Kayhan reports comments by Ala al-Din Boroujerdi on Iran’s 20% enrichment: "If we have this need again we will remove it."
    • "Twenty-percent enrichment was our temporary need. The Tehran Reactor is a small, 5MW research reactor that would produce medicine for 800,000 patients a year. At one time, we requested 20 percent fuel from the [International Atomic Energy] Agency for this reactor but they did not provide it to us…if tomorrow we will have this need we will remove it since the need is temporary, and to pass over needs is not permanent, but rather will be temporary."
  • Kayhan ran a headline relating to nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1: "Zarif met with Ashton in Brussels." 

  • The Tehran Times claims that Iran is working with the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] on outstanding technical and verification issues as was noted in its headline this morning: "Iran completes implementation of three nuclear transparency measures."


  • Resalat-News runs a headline quoting Ayatollah Mousavi Bojnordi as stating "We do not have anything called Islamic economics." Ayatollah Mousavi Bojnordi went to comment about "Riba" or usury, as it is commonly referred to in English.
  • Jomhouri-ye Eslami condemns the sale of Iranian dates in international markets as products of the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and France! 

Human Rights

  • Rafsanjani receives families of political prisoners:
    • "At all levels of the regime, there is no one who believes the society would benefit from having some people being imprisoned upon political charges..."
    • Responding to the families complaining of harsh treatment of their relatives in prison, Rafsanjani promised to "convey your message to the relevant places." 
  • According to Fars News Agency, "Bahai elements" behind "an unconventional fashion show in Karaj" were arrested by the Intelligence services and the police. 
  • Judge Saeed Mortazavi, who faces charges in the Social Security Organization and Kahrizak Detention Center deaths cases from the summer of 2009, reiterates his innocence. 
  • The Wall Street Journal highlights the plight of Iran’s Christian community and draws specific attention to Christian Pastor Farshid Fathi who "has been transferred to Rajai Shahr prison on the outskirts of Tehran, where he is sharing a cell with addicts and other common criminals who routinely harass and threaten him."

Daily Picture(s)

  • Iran’s Shalamcheh Surface-to-Air (SAM) missile on displayduring an exhibition of Iran’s new air-defenses. 
  • Mohammad Reza Naqdi, Commander of Iran’s Basij forces at the podium during a conference featuring public-relations officials of both the Basij and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
  • President Hassan Rouhani sits in on the 16th meeting of the Assembly of Experts.





Contributor(s): Ali Alfoneh & Behnam Ben Taleblu 

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