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Iran Press Review: 05 Sept.


  • Fars News Agency reports that President Hassan Rouhani will be traveling to the holy city of Mashhad to address the public on Saturday.
  • Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami led Friday Prayers in Tehran today. In his sermon [Khutbah] he drew reference to the political fallout after the Green Movement in 2009:
    • “The secret to the emphasis of the Supreme Leader on the issue of the sedition [Fitnah – or what the conservatives call the Green Movement] is that the sedition was not a personal conflict, the issue of the sedition was challenge(s) with the fundamentals of the system. However the path for repentance is open, but until [their] obstinacy continues, the line will be this and key-posts in the system must not be the abode of the seditionists.”

Foreign Policy

  • Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, who currently serves as Ayatollah Khamenei’s International Affairs Advisor notes:
    • “[Both] friends and enemies acknowledge the role of Iran in the victory of the people of Gaza, and this assistance will continue until the final victory.”
    • “The important issue that is [our] assistance to Gaza does not end here, but rather the assistance will continue until the final victory.”
  • Ayatollah Abbas Ka’abi of the Assembly of Experts notes the following regarding the decline of the West:
  • “The Westerners themselves have reached this conclusion, that the countdown to the decline of America and Western civilization has commenced, and in the future events of science, faith, and strength will occur.”
  • “The Islamic Republic must introduce truth to nations, governments, elites, and persons who seek freedom and thirst for truth…” 

Military and Security

  • Morteza Ghorbani, the current head of the Organization for the Sacred Defense [Defa-e Moghadas, the name given to the Iran-Iraq War] museum exclaimed:
    • “We are prepared to wipe Daesh (IS/ISIS) out from Iraq and the region with 500 forces.”
    • “I was once commander of the Badr division and I know the region of Iraq well.”
  • Press TV reports that “Iran is manufacturing three domestically-designed helicopters including a radar-evading chopper, the latest in military advancements in the Islamic Republic, a senior military official says. The helicopters are being made by Iran Helicopters Logistics and Renovation Organization (IHLRO), affiliated with Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO).”
  • BBC News reports that allegedly: “Iran's Supreme Leader has approved co-operation with the US as part of the fight against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq, sources have told BBC Persian.”

Nuclear Issue 

  • Ala al-Din Boroujerdi, Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of Iran’s Parliament [Majliscomments on American sanctions and designations:
    • “America has displayed its untrustworthiness more than before to the Iranian nation by applying new sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran after the Geneva agreement. And it has shown that this nation [America] has the temper of arrogance and will not go under any agreement.”
    • “America and the West must know that in the present age, double-standard policies will not be useful when facing an independent nation like the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Americans must cease these double-standard policies.”
    • “No such sanction or threat in the path of the development of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear technology has not created any cracks.” 
  • Fars News Agency further reports that: “Iranian and US officials in the second day of their bilateral negotiations in Geneva discussed the latest developments in the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers and possible ways to settle their differences on Iran's nuclear program.”
  • Reuters reports that: “The U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Friday little substantive headway has been made so far in its long-running investigation into suspected bomb research by Iran, a setback to hopes for an end to a stand-off over its atomic activity. The lack of movement in the inquiry by the International Atomic Energy Agency will disappoint the West and could further complicate efforts by six world powers to negotiate a resolution to a decade-old dispute with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.”


  • Vali-Allah Seif, the Chairman of the Central Bank of Iran says that, “the time has come to review the regulations of Islamic Banking.”
  • Fars News Agency reports that: “Iran has received the second installment of its $2.8-billion frozen assets as agreed upon in the talks between Tehran and the six major world powers in Vienna in July, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) announced.”

Daily Picture(s)

  • Fars News Agency captures Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami leading Friday Prayers in Tehran today, while children play off to the side-lines.
  • Islamic Republic News Agency documents the second-round of a skating competition held in Iran.





Contributor(s): Ali Alfoneh & Behnam Ben Taleblu 

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