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Iran Press Review: 10 Feb.


  • Reports on the anniversary of the February 11, 1979 revolution:
    • President Hassan Rouhani emphasized that the Revolution Day does not "belong to a specific group of faction," but "belongs to the entire nation."
    • Kayhan’s editorial urged the public to take to the streets tomorrow in celebration of the anniversary of the 1979 revolution.
    • Javan's front page encourages the public to participate in Revolution Day rallies to "tie the hands of America."
    • Resalat's front page broadcasts the Revolution Day slogan: "Death to America!"
    • Jomhouri-ye Eslami editorializes:
      • "In the course of the past 36 years, different governments had different track records. People were unhappy with some officials, and in some cases, they faced problems because of external pressure like the sanctions. However, none of these elements weakened the resolve of the people to participate in the February 11th rallies in support of the regime of the Islamic Republic. The reason is that the relationship between the Iranian nation with the Islamic revolution is beyond external and domestic issues or even factional or inter-personal conflicts and disputes. The people are sensitive towards such issues and protest to the officials and are concerned about the future of the revolution and the regime, but they will never turn their backs to the revolution and do not consider the critic as being directed against the regime of the Islamic Republic. Distancing themselves from the regime of the Islamic Republic is the desire of the enemy, and the current sanctions are also designed with this aim. However, as the Supreme Leader stated in his speech ... the people will, with their presence on February 11th rallies show the enemies, in particular the United States, that they don't understand Iran and Iranians."
    • Asghar Ab-e-Khezr, Islamic Propaganda Organization deputy, predicts "45 million" people will participate in tomorrow's Revolution Day rallies including a group of "American Muslims."

Military and Security

  • Brigadier General Hossein Salami, IRGC deputy:
    • "In order to increase our defensive capacities, we considered the offensive capabilities of the enemy as a source of our own defensive capacities. For example, United States aircraft carriers are considered the symbol of military power, greatness and prestige of this country ... We imagined bombing, sinking or seizing the United States carrier ... When thinking of this, our thought would be seeking solutions ... We designed cruise missiles ... we have prepared for mine warfare ... and use fast boats."

Nuclear Issue

  • Ali Larijani, parliamentary speaker:
    • "The West has mistaken the nuclear negotiations with the grocery market in Tehran! They are haggling ... and there are some here who believe their bluffs."