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Iran Press Review: 16 Sept.


  • Parliamentarian Zohreh Tabibzadeh, commenting on former President Mohammad Khatami's letter wishing Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei good health, says: "By writing letters they want to hide their black record during the 2009 sedition." 
  • Kayhan reports on Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani's Facebook update: "Releasing a photo of his father [Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani] next to [Mohammad] Khatami and Mohammad-Reza Aref, he wrote: 'The gentlemen Hashemi, Khatami and Aref plan to use the success of the 2013 presidential election... so we witness another epic at the parliamentary elections. '"
    • A source "close to Mr. Hashemi" dismisses the story as fabrication. 
    • Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani denies having a Facebook profile. 
  • Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel comments on bringing supporters of the sedition (or Fitnah, the name given in Persian by conservative politicians and commentators to the events in the summer of 2009) into government and the harm it could cause: 
  • "What is the necessity for people of the sedition to be used in posts in the system, and for the system to again face problems and tension? While the system needs tranquility, it is the shadow of tranquility that allows thinking about people’s economic problems and providing answers to people’s concerns." 

Foreign Policy

  • Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif receives the Foreign Minister of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK - North Korea.) The North Korean official expressed his country's wish to see presence of Iran's private sector in the economic development zones in North Korea. 
  • Russian expert Rajab Safarov discusses Iran/Russia relations through the lens of Iranian perceptions of Russia. Safarov also explains why some Russian officials prefer to see Iran under continued international sanctions regime. 

Military and Security

  • Resalat-News drawing on Mehr News Agency reports that Mohammad Akraminia, the Political Deputy for the Artesh’s [national army] ideological-political organization alleges:
    • "[Saudi] Arabia and its allies financially support the terrorist group Daesh (the Persian/Arabic name for the Islamic State/IS)."
  • Deputy Basij Commander Ali Fazeli comments on the Iran-Iraq War’s legacy:
  • "8 years of holy defense [Defa-e Moghadas – the name given to the Iran-Iraq War in Persian] insured the dignity and freedom of our people, the holy defense, which has insured the Islamic system today feeds the awakening of the Islamic world."
  • Fars News Agency touts a citation of Iran’s updated radar-systems as was reportedly cited in Jane’s Defense.
  • "Today the Revolutionary Guards enjoy the fruits of 3 powerful forces, in the air, land, and sea and the enemy has even affirmed these capabilities."
  • "The IRGC beside the Artesh has compiled extensive capabilities for defense against foreign threats."
  • Commenting on the meeting in Paris with respect to Western attempts to combat the Islamic State (IS/Daesh): "If we were invited to this coalition (the coalition of America and its allies in France) we would not have attended with the axis of America."
  • Asr Iran further reports Commander Jafari’s comments: "The United States has lost hope in playing an effective role concerning the Islamic State and its likes and has now mobilized this coalition, but we doubt their serious goal is annihilation of the Islamic State." 
  • "There was no need for Iran's military presence in liberation of the Amirli area [in Iraq]. Iran's role was limited to advisers." 
  • "Account of the enemies is the best assessment of this force [the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps]. Extending intellectual assistance or training of the oppressed people of the region has been done by the Quds Force of the Guards. This has been successful... Extra territorial operations is the mission of the Quds Force, like supporting the Islamic movements, expanding the Islamic revolution, helping the oppressed all over the world and in countries like Lebanon, Syria and Iraq where people are in need."
  • "The Americans have learned to lie. As His Holiness the late Imam said, America is the Great Satan, and it truly is so. Both the Foreign Minister of the United States, and the deputy minister of foreign affairs, Wendy Sherman, at the meeting with Mr. Eraqchi, asked Iran to cooperate with them on the Islamic State issue. Now they claim it is not so, and accuse Iran of supporting terrorism. Not even two weeks has past and this is how they behave. They know well themselves that we have the greatest capabilities to counter the Islamic State. Had the Supreme Leader not exposed the details, we would not have known. By looking at the coalition which the United States has mobilized, it is those very same states which created the Islamic State and now want to destroy it. Be sure that the Islamic State people will be at their throat. They know exactly what they are doing... We are now present where we are needed, but this game [the United States coalition] is not our game." 
  • "It is now clear to anyone following regional and Middle Eastern affairs that the government of the United States is using the pretext of the fight against terrorism in order to secure its military presence in the region. Updating the defeated and exposed plan of the United States in order to topple the regime in Syria is one of the main goals of this coalition against terrorism... Now, the United States, by bringing the Islamic State to Iraq and preparing the ground for its military presence in the region, is trying to topple the regime in Syria under the cloak of coalition against terrorism."
  • The Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Mohammad-Ali Aziz Jafari exclaims:
  • Hossein Sheikh al-Eslam, President Rouhani’s International Affairs Advisor states:
  • Jomhouri-ye Eslami editorializes
  • Iran and Turkmenistan are set to expand defense cooperation. 
  • CBS news reported on Monday: "Diplomats from around the world sought a global strategy to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Syria extremists Monday, while Iran ruled out working with any international coalition and rejected American requests for cooperation against the militants. Neither Iran nor Syria, which together share most of Iraq's borders, was invited to the international conference in Paris. The gathering opened as a pair of French reconnaissance jets took off over Iraqi skies."
  • Tasnim News reports: "Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said the country’s security doctrine is based on deterrence."
  • The Kenyan Daily Nation reports: "Two Iranians sentenced to life imprisonment over terrorism now want to be released on bond pending appeal. Mr Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed and Mr Sayeed Mansour Mousavi were convicted of plotting attacks against Western interests in Kenya."

Nuclear Issue 

  • Behrouz Kamalvandi, the International Affairs Deputy for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), commenting on his recent visit to Russia said Iran is finalizing agreements with Russia to build two more nuclear power plants. 
  • On Monday afternoon, The Wall Street Journal reported: "An investigation into Iran's past nuclear work—which the United Nations atomic watchdog has been pursuing for more than a decade—is still making slow headway, the agency's head said Monday. However, Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, signaled that if Iran fully cooperates with the Vienna-based organization, the investigation could be wrapped up within a year."
  • In an meeting picked up by Fars News Agency between Ayatollah Rafsanjani and the Foreign Minister of Slovakia, Rafsanjani exclaimed that: "We have announced many times that we assume use and building of nuclear weapons as to be Haram (religiously forbidden) based on Islamic and human principles, but consider protection of the scientific achievements of our youth in the nuclear know-how and technology as our right and don’t withdraw from it."


  • The Tehran Times reports: "Iran’s vice-president for science and technology says that the government will exempt technology-based firms from paying tax for 15 years. Sorena Sattari, who was addressing a conference on resistance economy in Hamedan on Monday, said that the companies can enjoy other privileges including low-interest loans and exemption from customs duties."

Religion, Society and Culture

  • Resalat-News, drawing on reporting from Fars News Agency quotes Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi as saying:
    • "Insulting the sanctities of Sunni’s is not permissible."
  • Kayhan publishes Nasim News' report on Iranian authors and poets who, in an attempt to bypass the tight censors of the Islamic Republic, opt to publish their works in neighboring Afghanistan.   

Human Rights

  • Ansar-e Hezbollah vigilante organization spokespersons assert that they intend to have patrols giving "oral warnings" to those not abiding by the Islamic dress code. The Interior Ministry on the other hand insists all groups must be subject to and operate within the framework of the law. 
  • Fars News Agency reports: "Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani strongly criticized UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for presenting an insulting report on the human rights conditions in Iran."

Daily Picture(s)

  • Fars News Agency posts pictures of Hossein Dehqan, Iran’s Defense Minister in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan meeting with its president.
  • Fars News Agency provides a full spread of photos from the meeting in Iran today with the Foreign Minister of North Korea (DPRK) with President Hassan Rouhani.
  • Deputy Basij Commander Ali Fazeli is pictured in a meeting, as was captured by the Islamic Republic News Agency.