Iran Press Review: 19 August


  • As a group of parliamentarians prepare impeachment of Reza Faraji-Dana, the minister of higher education, Ali Larijani, parliamentary speaker, urges the parliamentarians to preserve the “political calm.” According to Etemad, Larijani's statements could dissuade the undecided members of the parliament to support Faraji-Dana.

Military and Security

  • Jomhouri-ye Eslami editorializes: “The realities present concerning ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups currently engaged in the war in Syria and Iraq taken into consideration, and in the light of the irrefutable fact that the true backers of these groups are the Western and regional governments led by the United States and the Zionism International, one must find the answer to this question: To what extent can one hope for sanctions, penalties and punishment of terrorists and the Western and Arab governments backing ISIS and al-Nusra Front, in the wake of the latest [United Nations Security Council] resolution?”
  • Emad al-Din Khatami, son of former president Mohammad Khatami, in a short “analysis” in Etemad says news broadcasts from the war in Gaza and the “outraged public opinion” against Israel has had “a deterrent impact on state terrorism.”
  • Hojjat-al Eslam val Moslemeen Seyyed Mohammadali Al-Hashem, the Head of the Ideological-Political Organization of the Artesh [National Army] as reported in Resalat-Newstoday: “The Ideological-Political Organization of the Artesh is prepared to confront any soft threat.” He further noted that, “…Today the Artesh is [one] of the healthiest and most efficient institutions in the country…”

Nuclear Issue

  • Foreign Minister Mohammad-Java Zarif, in receiving the Romanian foreign minister: “The 5+1 group members can't annul the [United Nations] Security Council sanctions, but these five countries and permanent members of the Security Council who are present in the negotiations, are committed to annul all these sanctions. These five permanent Security Council members will work to annul the sanctions by taking the issue to the Security Council and through mechanisms [available] at the council in order to annul them... No agreement will be executed unless the five Security Council permanent members make their commitments concerning removal of the sanctions operational. This is a point which has been clear in all the negotiations...”

Human Rights

  • Hojjat al-Eslam Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ezhehi, Judiciary spokesman, commented today on the arrest and imprisonment of The Washington Post journalists in Tehran:
    • “Concerning arrest of the Washington Post journalist I earlier said that three people have been arrested. their issue is not economic [crime] but is security [related].”
    • Answering if the journalists have been arrested based on espionage charges, Ezhehi said: “Because of legal reasons I am not able to comment on the details of the case and the charges made against the accused. Certainly, the judge will declare the charges to the accused. As I said before, three people were arrested in this case, their case is not economic [crime] but is security related and now, the case is under preliminary investigation.”


  • Resalat-News reported today that Navaco Information Technology Company has a new Managing Director. The directive reportedly came from the Managing Director of Bank Maskan (Housing Bank), Dr. Mohammad Hashem Bot-Shekan, as he appointed Ahmad Sabermanesh to replace Mohandes (Engineer) Saljoughi “as Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Navaco Company.”

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