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Iran Press Review: 2 Oct.


  • Mohsen Alimardani, the representative of Zanjan in Iran’s Parliament [Majlisreports of an impending trip by President Rohani on the 8th of October to Zanjan province. Mardani notes: “The trip of the president and his economic team to the province will be for two days.”
  • Fars News Agency reports that, “Next week, the Minister of Intelligence will go to the Parliament to respond to questions from representatives.” The article’s summary specifically mentioned questions by Mashhad representative, Javad Karimi Qudoosi.
  • Former reformist presidential candidate Mohammad-Reza Arefcomments:
    • On former-President Khatami: “Khatami was not far from the system, and always counted himself as a member of the system, and he was the president of this country for eight years, [and] certainly the worry of all of us is the progression of the system.”
    • On parliamentary elections: “All of our men our great, and we will negotiate with everybody, [and] our goal is the maximum participation of people in the 10th parliamentary elections.”
    • On student activities: “We expect students to partake in all their activities within the framework of the law.”

Foreign Policy

  • According to a Kayhan editorial, the Argentine President's United Nations General Assembly address is related to the  “Zionist owned” Vulture Fund's claims against the government of Argentina: “An attempt to pressure the Argentine government not to close the AMIA bombing case against the Islamic Republic.”
  • Kayhan publishes “an article by a famous Liberian newspaper,” which allegedly “discloses facts about the United States spreading ebola in West Africa.”
  • Ayatollah Hossein Nouri Hamedani comments on David Cameron, British Prime Minister's UNGA address: “The arrogant and imperialist past of the English is bleak, and our people have not forgotten their repulsive behavior... Establishment of the Zionist regime in the hearth of the Middle East and the world of Islam was the idea of the British for the sake of conspiracy... England's name is synonymous with deceit and slyness.”
  • Kayhan Publishers releases the Rad-e Pa-ye Roubah [Footprints of the Fox], on British orientalist Ann Lambton. The book is the fifty first volume in the series “The Hidden Half.”
  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Chairman of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi discussed a range of issues with the speaker of Ecuador’s parliament in the Latin American country.”
  • Mohammad-Reza Aref, a former reformist presidential candidate and current member of Iran’s Expediency and Discernment Council exclaims: “Netanyahu is not of the level where we would need to take a stand against his issues and comments, and we don’t recognize him officially, also, we have clear opinions about the Zionist regime.”

Military and Security

  • Ground Forces Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Mohammad Pakpour notes:
    • “The IRGC’s UAV’s have 24-hour [lit. night and day] missions in the North-West, South-West, and in the West of the country.”
    • “The Self-Sufficient Jihad Organization of NZSA (the Persian acronym for the IRGC’s ground forces) is currently building a war-fighting UAV who has been tested and is slowly is reaching the end of its work.”
  • Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Alavi-Gorgani, a noted source-of-emulation [Marja-e Taqlid,comments on the Islamic State (IS/Daesh) and US foreign policy in Iraq:
    • “The goal of America is to weaken the government of Iraq and to prevent the growth of the wave of the Islamic Awakening.”
    • “The sources-of-emulation and Ayatollahs of Islamic Iran pray for the victory of the forces of resistance and desire [for them] dignity from Almighty God.”
    • “The Almighty is behind the people of Iraq, and in this path, the groups of resistance must not expose [any] weakness before the enemy, since this will boost the morale of enemy forces.”
  • Mohammad Hossein Safar Harandi, a member of Iran’s Expediency and Discernment Council commented on the Palestinian resistance saying:
    • “The missile depots of Gaza, by the grace of the training and advisory of Iran, is better equipped than any other time.”
    • “The appearance of the war was that people with resistance and steadfastness, [with] previous planning and training stood against Israel, but all the free-thinkers bowed their heads to the people of Gaza.”
    • “[But] of course we gave them training, and told them how to create weapons to defend themselves.”
  • Fars News Agency advertises the Falaq rocket system and a new tactical vehicle called the Zafar, which was unveiled at a Defense Industries Organization (DIO) event attended by Iran’s Minister of Defense Hossein Dehqan.

Nuclear Issue

  • Iran’s Minister of Justice Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi praisedIran’s diplomacy and President Rouhani in particular with respect to his trip to the United Nations, saying:
    • “The statements of Mr. Rouhani were strong, clear, and comprehensive, so much so that American analysts admitted that this speech eclipsed President Obama’s comments.”
  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Iran may meet early next week in Tehran, diplomats said on Thursday. The UN nuclear agency is expected to make a new attempt soon to advance its investigation into Iran’s nuclear program, the diplomats said.”
  • Roger Cohen writes in The New York Times: “Breakfast last week in New York with President Hassan Rouhani of Iran was a cordial affair, bereft of the fireworks of his predecessor, whose antics made headlines and not much more. Rouhani, flanked by his twinkly-eyed foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, was composed, lucid and, on the whole, conciliatory. He said a nuclear accord was doable by the deadline of Nov. 24 “if there is good will and seriousness.” He revealed that he had spoken last year with President Obama about “a number” of possible areas of collaboration in the event of an accord. He did not underplay the difficulties, or the implacability of a deal’s opponents in Iran and the United States, but suggested the “short-lived dustbowl” thrown up by any resolution would dissipate as win-win awareness grew. He even alluded to the aroma of roses. It was a polished performance full of the subtleties intrinsic to the Iranian mind. The question, as always with Iran, is what precisely it meant.”
  • David Frum wrote in The Atlantic: “You have to salute the rulers of Iran. They stand on the verge of scoring a stunning diplomatic triumph over the United States. Even more impressive: They did it all on bluff. Their adversaries possessed material advantages in terms of money, technology, military power, and more. But Iran’s rulers had clarity of purpose and the will to win. Without these qualities, the adversaries’ material advantages have seeped away.


  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Iranian President Hassan Rouhani ruled out speculations that the country might provide Europe with natural gas should Russia decides to halt energy exports to the European states. “Today's conditions are not such that if Russia stops selling gas to Europe, Iran can serve as an alternative for Russia’s gas exports to those countries,” President Rouhani said in an interview with Russia-2 television channel.”
  • Fars News Agency reports: “Iran exported 11.365 tons of mineral products to foreign countries from March to July 2014. According to the latest report released by Iran's ministry of industries, mines and trade, Iran has exported some 11.365 million tons of mineral products worth over $1.2 billion in the first five months of the current Iranian year (started on March 21).”


  • The Intelligence Ministry reportedly filters the Entekhab website, one of the main backers of the President Hassan Rouhani's government.

Daily Pictures

  • Pictures via the Islamic Republic News Agency from the eventheld at DIO showcasing the new rocket launcher system for the Falaq rocket and an 8x8 tactical vehicle named Zafar.
  • Fars News Agency documents the wake held in honor of Hojjal al-Eslam val Moslemeen Ali Saeedi’s wife, who passed away. It was attended by a veritable who’s who of the Islamic Republic, including, but not limited to:
    • Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Seyyed HassanFiroozabadi (right)
    • Basij Forces Commander Mohammad-Reza Naqdi (right)
    • IRGC Commander Major General Mohammad-Ali Aziz Jafari(right)
    • Director of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) Dr. Ali-Akbar Salehi
    • Current Speaker of the Parliament Ali Larijani, and former Commander of the IRGC and current Secretary of the Expediency and Discernment Council, Mohsen Rezaie (left to right)