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Iran Press Review: 26 Sept.


  • Hojjat-al Eslam val Moslemeen Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, the grandson of the founder of the Islamic Republic and a member of the Azad University’s Board of Trustees met with student groups from that University and noted:
    • “The most important thing which made the Imam [Khomeini] distinct from his peers was bravery, and this bravery was like a spot light which held them with illumination and magnetism around him when he entered society and according to the Imam’s interpretation they would pump and inject their bravery into society.”
    • “Persons must have bravery in their lives but this does not mean not to be prudent; and we must not withdraw from bravery in the name of expediency and close our eyes to realities, for this is the secret to student activities and youthfulness.”

Foreign Policy

  • Esmaeil Kowsari, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s [Majlis] National Security and Foreign Policy Committee and representative from Tehran comments on the possibility of re-opening the British Embassy and his lingering mistrust of the British:
    • “Our foreign policy system must not look at the U.K., this deceitful old fox with naivety and optimism.”
    • “However, the period of colonialism is over, and the English themselves know well that they have no place in this country [Iran], and people will not forget their atrocities. However the diplomatic system must wisely deal against such stances of the British government.”
    • “In the case of the reopening of the embassy, the U.K. must be obliged to apologize and after that can be reopened to the level of Charge D' Affaires.”
  • Mohammad Kazem Anbarlouie wrote an essay picked up byTasnim News Agency which quoted Ayatollah Khomeini as saying:
    • “America is worse than Britain, Britain is worse than America and the Soviet Union is worse than both and…”
  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Italy’s foreign minister who has been named as the incoming European Union foreign policy chief urged the necessity for interaction with Iran, which she said has greatly contributed to stability in the Middle East region.”
  •  Tasnim News Agency reports that the “Iranian foreign minister welcomed a recent peace agreement between the Yemeni government and protesters, calling on the whole political parties in the Arab nation to remain committed to the accord and show self-restraint.

Military and Security

  • Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the current Deputy Armed Forces Chief of Staff gave a televised interview last night,stating:
    • “We witness a very warm relationship between the Corps [IRGC] and the Artesh [national army]; a difference in style is natural and this has the possibility to exist between the forces of the Artesh and the forces of Corps.”
    • “The Artesh and the Corps in the Islamic Republic of Iran complement each other; defense against the enemy according to the constitution is the responsibility of the Arteshand the Corps has no claim in this regard…the Corps have acted as such in this regard.”
  • Hojjat-al Eslam val Moslemeen Kazem Sedighi, the temporary Friday prayer leader for Tehran spoke about the Iran-Iraq War (labeled the Holy Defense in Iran) in his sermon today:
    • “The entire Ummah [community] arose with all their soul in these 8 years and engaged in a mighty defense, and showed the miracle of religion to the worlds and the victory of patience and following the Velayat to the materiality of Satan [Ahriman].”
  • Saeed Jalili, the former Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council and former Chief nuclear negotiator for Iranexclaims in a speech:
    • “34 years ago during such days the imposed war against Islamic Iran commenced and Saddam commenced the war against Iran.”
    • “When Saddam commenced the war against Iran, all the powers were supporting Saddam and on the opposite site was the Islamic Republic of Iran whose Revolution has just been formed.”
    • “The powers of the world had come to Saddam’s support and imposed the war on Iran and in those initial days conquered 4 provinces of Iran and gave whatever they had to the opponents of Iran. From ammunition to tanks to chemical munitions and [weapons of] mass destruction were all provided to them so that they could strike a strong blow to the Islamic Revolution.”
    • “Some Arab countries in negotiations had said that we didn’t have weapons to help Iraq, but we gave him money.”

Nuclear Issue

  • Hojjat-al Eslam val Moslemeen Kazem Sedighi, the temporary Friday prayer leader for Tehran notes:
  • “What we say in negotiations is the same thing which has been repeated in slogans by great and small, city-dweller or villager. Nuclear energy is our inalienable right.”
  • Fars News Agency reports that:
    • “A three way meeting between Mohammad-Javad Zarif the Foreign Minister of Iran, John Kerry the Secretary of State of [the United States of] America and Catherine Ashton, the Representative for Foreign Policy for the European Union was held on Thursday afternoon on New York time. This meeting will continue today – Friday- during the afternoon on New York Time.”
    • Seyyed Abbas Eraqchi comments on the negotiations: “In some generalities, we do not share opinions, but there are agreements over details.” He continued “People await news from these negotiations, but at present our policy insists upon law and not surpassing our red-lines.” Fars News Agency further reported comments by Eraqchi exclaiming, “Under no circumstances will we deviate from nuclear rights and red-lines, and if it is possible to preserve nuclear rights and red-lines and attain solution that do away with concerns, we are prepared to do so.”
  • Reuters reports: “Western strategists have long debated the specter of Iran "breaking out" - suddenly showing the ability to explode an atom bomb. But some see a "sneak-out" less visible to U.N. inspectors as a possibly bigger risk and world powers have calibrated their demands in negotiations with Iran to forestall any such outcome. Under a "sneak-out" scenario, Western officials and experts say, Iran could build a uranium enrichment plant in secret to make bomb material unbeknownst to the U.N. nuclear watchdog, now empowered to visit only Tehran's declared nuclear sites.”
  • The AP reports: “The U.S. is considering softening present demands that Iran gut its uranium enrichment program in favor of a new proposal that would allow Tehran to keep nearly half of the project intact while placing other constraints on its possible use as a path to nuclear weapons, diplomats told The Associated Press. The initiative, revealed late Thursday, comes after months of nuclear negotiations between Iran and six world powers that have failed to substantially narrow differences over the future size and capacity of Tehran's uranium enrichment program. Iran insists it does not want atomic arms but the West is only willing to lift nuclear-related sanctions if Tehran agrees to substantially shrink enrichment and other activities that Iran could turn toward making such weapons.”
  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Iranian president called on Germany, a member of the sextet of world powers engaged in nuclear talks with Tehran, to push the other members of the group into keeping to the correct path in the course of negotiations.”
  • The AP reports: “French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday that the latest round of talks with Iran has failed to make substantial headway on imposing nuclear curbs that country can accept in exchange for an end to sanctions clamped on Tehran's economy.”


  • The Wall Street Journal reports: “Iran's oil minister Bijan Zanganeh Friday called on OPEC countries to make a joint effort to prevent oil prices from falling further. He was speaking as members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are split over what to do about a sharp drop in prices. The fall, by about $20 a barrel, came after fears of Iraqi disruptions failed to materialize and shut-in Libyan oil returned to markets.”

Daily Picture(s)

  • Islamic Republic News Agency display photos of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in New York.
  • Tasnim News Agency displays photos of the Minister of Interior’s trip to Khuzestan province in South-Western Iran.