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Iran Press Review: 27 August

Military and Security

  • Major General Qassem Suleimani, the Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds-Force (IRGC-QF),issues a warning to the Islamic State (IS - formerly known as ISIS) against violating the shrine of Imam Hussein, the third Shi’ite Imam, in Iraq. 
  • According to the Persian edition of Al-Sharq al-Awsat, the Iraq portfolio is reportedly no longer under Major General Suleimani's control and has been transferred to Hassan Hamadani, a deputy. According to this source, the transfer of portfolio is due to Suleimani's unsuccessful attempts at keeping Iraqi Prime Minister Maleki in power.
  • Under the title, "Why does Turkey insist on supporting ISIS?" Jomhouri-ye Eslami analyzes Turkey’s relations with IS:
    • "Following the defeat of its policies in Syria and Egypt, and the deterioration of its relations with Saudi Arabia, [Turkey] had no choice other than supporting terrorist groups in an attempt at achieve some of its goals in Syria and Iraq..." 
  • Hossein Azin, a member of parliament, says "two to three Afghan nationals" were arrested in Rafsanjan while collecting money among Afghan refugees in the province on behalf of IS. 
  • Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the Deputy Commander of the IRGC proclaims
  • "The United States policy is revolving around a vicious circle. Now, they extend a hand of surrender to us in an attempt to solve problems with our cooperation. This [shows] the decline of their strength. The rate of the political decline of the United States has gone up. They are in decline at all levels of authority, and this decline is a sign of their demise."
  • "We see despair, fatigue and depletion of energy in the faces of the authorities of the Zionist regime. [This is so,] because they sense that they are possibly living through the final months or years of their existence... Should the West Bank be armed, disappearance of the Zionist regime would happen automatically, since they have neither the geography, nor a considerable psychological strength. They have become isolated and imprisoned, [they] are composed of a population each coming from one corner of the world. As the flames of fire rise on them, the wave of reverse immigration and depletion of occupied lands gains momentum."
  • Commenting on the downing of an Israeli drone, Salami continued: "Our answer is not diplomatic, and we will respond in the field of action. We will not necessarily declare our reactions. We will act upon them. Our reaction will be operational, and the enemies see this, and understand and sense this."
  • "The law does not allow anyone who feels the vocation to enter the political arena to do so. In this regard, we respectfully, and politely informed them if you have such intentions [to engage in vigilantism], show us the courtesy of asking for our authorization. They did not ask us for authorization, and we did not dismiss [such authorization,] but from our point of view, it [potential application for vigilantism] should be subjected to investigation." 
  • Interior Minister Abd al-Reza Rahmani Fazli comments on the role of the Ansar-e Hezbollah motorcycle gangs in politics: 
  • Further commenting on the reported downing of an Israeli surveillance drone in Iran, Masoud Jazayeri, the Deputy of the General Staff of the Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces cautions that: “The downing of the spy UAV is not the end of the Islamic Republic’s actions and we shall respond to the enemy in the occupied territories.”
  • The Washington Post reports that a U.S. Coast Guard vessel named the Cutter Monomy “got into an altercation Tuesday with an Iranian sailboat in the Persian Gulf.” The Press Secretary for the Pentagon noted that there were no injuries or fatalities.


  • Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei received President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet ministers earlier today:
    • Khamenei praised the cabinet for "creating peace of mind in society, controlling inflation, and the level of prices, along with execution of the health plan."
    • The Supreme Leader also urged the cabinet to "take clear positions concerning regional and global issues, particularly with regards to US interventions," and called for the "preservation of internal unity within the cabinet, abiding by the red lines, and distancing itself from the sedition of 2009, while patiently tolerating just criticism of the government." 
  • Ayatollah Sadegh Amoli Larijani, the head of the Islamic Republic’s Judiciary states that: “Believing that human discipline is sufficient for the running of the country is considered a rejection of article II in the constitution. Secularists must not be afforded managerial positions because they do not accept this segment of the constitution.”

Foreign Policy

  • President Hassan Rouhani reports to the Supreme Leader on his cabinet's foreign policy:
    • "The cabinet has used all its political, economic and social capacities in support to the people of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and specially the people of Palestine... Hopefully, we will soon witness victories of the regional nations against terrorism and the criminal Zionist regime, and return of the calm..."
    • "The wall of Iranophobia has become shorter in the international public opinion," "steps have been taken to reduce and remove sanctions and many more steps will be taken." 

Nuclear Issue

  • President Hassan Rouhani reports to the Supreme Leader on nuclear negotiations:
    • "The Iranian part, has demonstrated its logic, transparency and wish for peace. We will conduct the negotiations in such manner that should the excessive demands of some powers prevent the success of negotiations, world opinion would hold those making the excessive demands responsible." 
  • Reuters reports that Iran has missed a deadline to provide the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on issues pertaining to the “Possible Military Dimensions” of its nuclear program. Nonetheless, the sources Reuters cited had “suggested, however, that there was still time for Iran to provide information in the coming days in order to avoid any negative impression in the IAEA's closely-watched quarterly report on Tehran's nuclear program, expected around September 3.”
  • AP reports that according to Iranian State TV, Iran is allegedly modifying its IR-40 Heavy Water Reactor at Arak to produce less plutonium.

Daily Picture(s)

  • Major General Qassem Suleimani, the IRGC-QF Commander pictured with Hojjat ol-Eslam Sheikh Qays Khazali, head of the Asaib Ahl-e Haqq militia. 
  • President Hassan Rouhani talking to Ayatollah Khamenei during a meeting between Rouhani’s cabinet and Iran’s Supreme Leader.

Contributor(s): Ali Alfoneh & Behnam Ben Taleblu 

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