Iran Press Review 29 July

Analysis by FDD

  • Benjamin Weinthal, Research Fellow, writes in Forbes: “With the signing of an Iranian nuclear agreement earlier this month, European companies along with leading politicians have moved at astonishingly fast pace to enter Iran’s markets. However, European businesses still face an enormously risky economic environment. While sanctions will soon be lifted, many of the businesses and individuals have a proven record of money laundering, sanctions evasion and other illicit financial activity. How European companies manage this threat remains to be seen. Leading the rush to rekindle business with Iran was Germany’s economic minister and vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, who recently spent the weekend in Tehran with a delegation of business representatives from engineering giants Siemens and Linde, and automobile manufactures Volkswagen and Mercedes. Iran’s state-owned news site IRNA said Germany and the Islamic Republic are slated to hold their first economic conference in over a decade.”

Foreign Policy

  • French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius travelled to Iran and met with senior Iranian officials to discuss bilateral opportunities. Fabius also relayed French President Holland’s invitation to Rouhani to visit Paris:
    • President Hassan Rouhani: “Iran does not want to solely focus on economic section in its future relations with France. We rather seek to expand cultura, scientific, technology, educational, and tourism opportunities that can have great impacts on increasing relations.”
    • Fabius: “Today is the beginning of a new chapter in cooperation between Tehran and Paris. The outlook of its new beginning is very bright due to the nuclear agreement.”
    • Fabius also met privately with Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh. After the meeting, Zanganeh noted:
      • “We emphasized the necessity of bilateral cooperation in oil, gas, and also petrochemical fields.”
      • “The French side has great interest in Iran’s petrochemical plans. The two countries agreed to pursue ways to increase cooperation in this field.”
  • Ali-Akbar Velayati, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Supreme Leader, warned of U.S. efforts to undermine Iranian “sovereignty” through the United Nations Security Council:
    • “If America and their allies feel that they can limit Iran with their influence in their Security Council, they will continue issuing their resolutions so they can target our country’s independence and sovereignty…Their goal from issuing resolutions against Iran is the weakening of our country’s defensive forces, but we will never accept these resolutions.”

Military & Security

  • Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Saeedi, Representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), notes:
    • “The Global Arrogance and at its helm, America, is after turning the war of civilizations into a war within civilization in the frame of a proxy war with the goal[s] of creating security in Israel, busying the armies of the region with their own people, and preventing their involvement with Israel.”
  • Major General Hassan Firoozabadi, Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed forces, weighs-in on regional matters:
    • “The mistake which the government of Turkey has committed in recent days, and under the name of attacking DAESH terrorists, was to have attacked Kurds who are against DAESH and who have resisted DAESH.”
    • “The governments of Turkey, [Saudi] Arabia, and Qatar should not open up accounts with DAESH for themselves.”
    • “The government of Turkey must be worried about the satanic behavior of the Takfiris and the historical enmity of the Zionists and America, who are active behind DAESH.”

Nuclear Issue

  • Iran’s Parliament continues its heated debate about Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA):
    • Parliamentary Vice Chairman, MP Mohammad Hassan Abu Torabi Fard, responded to Administration Spokesman Mohammad Bagher Nobkhat’s statement yesterday that reviewing the JCPOA falls under the jurisdiction of the Supreme National Security Council [SNSC], not the Parliament:
      • “Based on the Constitution, Parliament must review treaties and attending to the JCPOA is in the Parliament’s agenda.”
      • “Although from the first days, reviewing this file has been in the agenda of our country’s [SNSC].”
      • Abu Torabi Fard added that the Parliament will act “based on its legal duties” while the SNSC reviews the deal today.
    • The Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission wrote a letter to Speaker Larijani requesting the deal in the committee and criticizing the establishment of a special committee, stating “it does not help a more careful review of the agreement.”
    • MP Mehdi Kouchakzadeh accused Larijani of “imperious” behavior towards the parliament and says there are differences between Persian translations of the agreement produced by the government and the English original.
    • MP Hamid Rasaei rejected the agreement and demanded a new round of negotiations.
    • MP Ali Mottahari said likened sting of the scorpion to its nature and not proof of its behavior being evil. He then amended that statement using America.
  • In a statement, Iran’s Student Basij accuses the nuclear agreement of having violated “several red lines of the regime.”

Economy & Trade

  • Sharq’s editorial opines on the impact of Iran’s reentry into the global oil market, reducing imports of Chinese goods, and trade with Western firms:
    • “In the course of the next six months to a year, Iran can add one million barrels to its oil exports thereby impacting the international crude market. It also can choose its partners among Western companies in order to develop its oil and gas fields... Expansion of economic relations with European and American companies must take place very soon. Normalization of political relations with the Europeans is on the way, and has great benefits from both parties: It eradicates the Chinese from Iran's economy, and we liberate ourselves from the schemes of the Indians. We will bring about strong rivals to Russian companies and Europe’s stagnated economy finds a huge market to which it can export equipment and technology. Correcting the [trade] balance with China and Russia as Iran's political and economic allies must be artful.”
  • Kayhan editorializes under the headline: “Iran’s 80 million large market: The Government’s prize to those who sanctioned [Iran].”
    • “The evil shadow of sanctions appeared over the life of the nation because of the satanic and black determination of the Great Satan. However, it was the cooperation of its European lackeys which made life more difficult for our people. The more we struggled stand on our own feet, the more the tightened the encirclement... Now, it’s the turn of opening of the doors of the world to Iran, but with which partners...? They are rolling out the red carpet for them as if a dear guest or a sincere servant is returning home after a long absence, and not a stubborn, envious and vindictive enemy who until a few days ago was fighting against our very existence haggling its way to impose a harmful and one sided agreement on us... Is the plunderer Total an oil partner...? Was it not the French who sold us blood polluted with AIDS and Hepatitis?”
  • Fars News Agency reports: “An Omani trade delegation is in Tehran to take the last preparatory steps for implementing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on gas imports from Iran, the CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said on Wednesday."A trade delegation from Oman is in Tehran to take the final preliminary measures for implementing an MoU that was in Muscat, in 2013," the CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Hamidreza Araghi said.”

Daily Picture(s)

  • IRNA displays pictures of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meeting with the French Foreign Minister in Tehran.