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Iran Press Review: 31 Oct.

Analysis by FDD

  • Research Fellow Tony Badran wrote in NOW: “Last Thursday marked the 31st anniversary of Hezbollah's twin attack on the US Marine barracks and the French paratroopers base in Beirut in 1983. The date passed quietly; ancient history as far as the Obama White House is concerned. After all, this is the era of US rapprochement with Iran. Under the banner of combating Sunni terrorist groups, which are now defined as the principal threat, Washington has effectively aligned with Iran and its assets. Today, the US is not only providing air cover for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and communicating with its command in Iraq, it has even indirectly shared intelligence with the Guards' Hezbollah arm in Lebanon.”


  • Hojjat al-Eslam Morteza Agha-Tehrani, the Secretary-General ofJebhe-ye Paydari [The Steadfastness Front], a hardline faction in the Parliament [Majlis], comments on the vote of no confidence to President Rouhani’s nominee for Minister of Science, Research, and Technology:
    • “One of the points that is considered amongst the redlines of the system and is expressly present in the statements of the position of the Velayat (a reference to Khamenei), and which Parliament truly shows sensitivity towards, is preventing those who were in the Fitnah (sedition-what hardliners call the Green Movement and its supporters) from being active.”
    • “In any case, the President must take into account the parameters of the Parliament representatives in relation to the nominated Minister of Science and the Parliament wants a Minister to be elected to be accountable to the people.”
    • “When the President says we do not want the universities to become a political club, he must act on his own words.”
  • Similarly, Mansour Haghighatpour, a Parliamentary representative from Ardebil, notes:
    • “The manners of the President in the past week in relation to the Parliament and the vote of confidence to the nominated Minister of Science, and [with respect to] his speeches in Zanjan and other locals, were not of good manners and ruined the environment in the Parliament on the eve of the vote of confidence to Nili Ahmadabadi (Rouhani’s nominee).”
    • “Officials and government liaisons did not take seriously the defense of Mr. Nili, it should not remain unsaid that the manners of the President in the Parliament regarding the defense of the nominated Minister of Science had a range of flaws and issues that made it harder to get votes for Mr. Nili.”
    • “It would have been better for the President to have introduced a more professional and more skilled person for tenure at the helm of the Ministry of Science to the Parliament. A person who did not have political behavior amidst the sensitive Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology.”

Foreign Policy

  • President Hassan Rouhani of Iran sends a congratulatory letter to Dilma Rouseff, the recently re-elected President of Brazil.
  • Speaking about the upcoming anniversary of the storming of the American Embassy, Hojjat al-Eslam Sedighi, comments in his Friday Prayer Sermon:
    • “This year the 13th of Aban (November 4, 2014) coincides with the Ashura of Hossein. America has prepared a very disgraceful file for itself with respect to all nations, its nation, [and] specifically with respect to the great nation of Iran. In this file there exists the disgraceful coup of the 28th of Mordad (August 19, 1953), creating SAVAK (Iran’s state security and intelligence organization under the late Shah) to develop torture, killings and silencing were witnessed, in America’s disgraceful file in relation to Iran there [also] exists the ratification of the capitulation law in the night and in a secretive manner in the National Consultative Assembly (Parliament). The news of the approval of this law reached the Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini) and the Imam carried out that fiery speech…the Imam in his revealing speech created such horrors for America and its agents that the atrocity after the approval of this law was the violation of the sanctity of the Imam’s house, it was an attack on the house of the Imam which is the house of all Muslims.”
    • “In the year [13]57 (1979) the killing of university students was amongst the atrocities of America against Iran…the killings of the 17th of Shahrivar is recorded in America’s disgraceful file, after the Revolution, the riots which existed and afterwards the imposition of the 8 year war of Iraq against Iran and all sorts of support to Saddam is of the other cases in America’s disgraceful files in relation to the Islamic Republic of Iran. That very day which the Imam was exiled, the The Muslim Student Followers of the Imam's Line captured the den of spies of America. America’s Embassy in Iran was the center of espionage and conspiracy against our country, and our students occupied this center of espionage, this was a high point in our Revolution…”
    • “When the den of spies was captured, the Imam said that this is the second Revolution, and this Revolution if greater than the first Revolution, the 13th of Aban is that day that we showed we were ideological, and we remain ideological and we will stand up and our policy is to know our enemy and consciousness when faced with enemies.”
  • Ayatollah Mostafa Olama, the Friday Prayer Leader of Kermanshah and the Representative of the Supreme Leader in Kermanshah, comments on the importance of the upcoming anniversary of the storming of the American Embassy:
    • “It was in this important and destiny-creating day that America kneeled before the Islamic Republic of Iran, and saw with humiliation that the den of spies it created in Tehran became occupied.”
    • “The Imam, in his statements on the greatness of Youm-Allah (the Day of God) the 13th of Aban (November 4, 1979), called the reality of the capturing of the den of spies a second Revolution, and the importance of this day is specified in this command of the late Imam.”
  • Fars News Agency reports: “Tajik President Emomali Rahmon plans to pay an official visit to Iran in December to discuss bilateral ties and regional developments with senior Iranian officials, diplomatic sources said. "The planning is underway for President Rahmon's visit to Iran," Tajik Ambassador to Tehran Nematollah Emamzadeh said on Thursday.”
  • Azer News reports: “Entry and exit of the Azerbaijani citizens to Iran will be further facilitated following the opening of a new passenger terminal along the borders. Iranian Embassy told Trend Agency on October 31 that Bilasuvar border checkpoint (Iran) has opened a new passenger terminal.”

Military and Security

  • Hojjat al-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Saedi, the Friday Prayer Leader of Qom, comments on regional security issues:
    • “Fortunately, we recently witness the attacks of the Army and popular forces of Iraq against DAESH (the Persian/Arabic acronym for the Islamic State) and this is while the government and people of Iraq must appreciate the efforts of Iran towards creating security in this country.”
    • “The sedition [Fitnah] of DAESH has grown to enter Lebanon, but fortunately Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah supports fighting terrorists until their elimination, and that which is unfortunate is the apparent support of Turkey of the forces of DAESH against the people of Syria.”
    • “Turkey is seeking to create another empire like the Ottomans…and we hope that after that fire of DAESH’s atrocities turns on itself (Turkey), it will cease these kinds of support.”
  • In Tehran, Friday Prayers led by Hojjat al-Eslam Sedighi drew attention to developments in Iraq, noting:
    • “Recently, a great victory for the Army of Iraq occurred, and this victory was completed by way of Iraq’s popular forces with guidance from figures in our fronts. And Jurf al-Sakhar, which for years was occupied by some Ba’athists and Takfiri’s who are unaware of God, was liberated.”
  • Commander Gholam-Reza Jalali, the Head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization, notes in commentary today that:
    • “Karbala is the meaning of the victory of blood over the sword.”
    • “Today, technology-driven threats and people-driven threats and more important than all, economic threats have targeted us.”
  • Hojjat al-Eslam Heydar Moslehi, the former Minister of Intelligence, comments on the infamous acid-attacks:
    • “The English Intelligence Service was behind the recent acid-throwing issue.”
  • Major General Mohammad-Ali Aziz Jafari, Commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), exclaims:
    • “All the credibility and personality of the Guard Corps is tied to the Holy Defense (the name given in Iran to the Iran-Iraq War) and from another perspective, the Imposed War (another moniker of the aforementioned war) against the Islamic Republic of Iran is considered a decisive point in the history of our country.”
    • “The reason why our war is named the Holy Defense is for this reason, that the type of our defense in the Imposed War was connected to the religious teachings of Islam.”  
  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Iran is ready to immediately provide Lebanon with a series of military items it had pledged to offer to the Arab country as a gift aid, a diplomatic source announced. Lebanese Al Akhbar daily quoted an unnamed Iranian diplomatic source as saying that the consignment of military equipment will be airlifted to Lebanon within only “three hours” as soon as Beirut gives the green light.”

Economy & Trade

  • Tasnim News Agency reports: “Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari announced that the country is prepared to export various types of high-technology products to Russia. In a meeting with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkadiy Vladimirovich Dvorkovich and Minister of Education and Science Dmitriy Viktorovich Livanov in Russia on Friday, Sattari touched upon the Islamic Republic’s achievements in the area of technology and voiced the country’s willingness to export high-tech products to Russia.”
  • CNBC reports: “Markets should look for "a significant additional political risk premium on the price of Brent" if nuclear arms talks between Iran and major world powers break down, Nomura has warned. If Iran walks away from the negotiation table over the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology in the country, markets could easily be spooked over the region's stability and that could affect the price of Brent, which has tumbled since June, Nomura's senior political analyst Alastair Newton said in a note Thursday.”
  • Forbes reports: “If you had any question that Apple AAPL +0.9% stands for something larger than electronic gadgets, look no further than its recently-reported interest in selling products in Iran, a country walled off by economic sanctions, and encompassing a population that seeks more access to technology and freedom. The company’s decision to stand up against the Iranian government’s record of human rights abuses, support of terrorism and development of nuclear weapons is remarkable, but the reasoning is exceptionally clear in light of CEO Tim Cook’s essay on Thursday. Indeed, as Cook wrote, the path to justice is paved “brick by brick,” and it appears that Apple wants that path to run straight across Iran. [I am an Apple stockholder.]”

Human Rights

  • Tasnim News Agency runs a headline quoting Mohammad-Javad Larijani, saying:
    • “Nobody could bring forth a reason for a mistake by the judiciary system of Iran in the case of Reyhaneh Jabbari.”
  • Reuters reports: “Iran defended its human rights record on Friday, after a wave of Western criticism of its execution of a woman for murdering a man she said had tried to rape her. Mohammad Javad Larijani, secretary general of Iran's High Council for Human Rights, was speaking at a more than three hour-long debate in the U.N. Human Rights Council to review Tehran's record.”
  • Fox News reports: “On the eve of Iran's defense of its human rights record Friday before a key United Nations panel, a lawyer for the woman executed in the Islamic Republic over the weekend for allegedly killing her attempted rapist accused the regime of widespread torture and murder. A UN-appointed human rights advocate had already prepared a voluminous account of Tehran's egregious transgressions, including persecution and imprisonment of religious minorities, alarming numbers of executions and systematic disregard of due process by Saturday, when Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 27-year-old woman who had spent the last seven years in prison, was hanged. Jabbari became an international symbol of the regime's brutality, with the UN and rights groups such as Amnesty International decrying her death sentence. Jabbari's execution served to punctuate this week's hearings, including the independent forum in Geneva on Thursday and a procedure today before a UN Human Rights Council panel.”

Daily Picture(s)

  • Islamic Republic News Agency captures photos of Friday Prayers led in Tehran today by Hojjat al-Eslam Sedighi