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Iran Press Review: 10 June | Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Iran Press Review: 10 June


  • Chinese Catic company invests €2 billion in Bushehr Petrochemical plant. Read Here 


  • Saeed Hajjarian, Intelligence Ministry co-founder turned political dissident, says "Mr. Rouhani's reforms may bring about democracy, but democracy is not in it's root. He too does not make such a claim. He does not say 'I'm a reformist.'" Read Here 

Military and Security

  • Hojjat al-Eslam Ali Saeedi, representative of the Supreme Leader to the Revolutionary Guards, says he has not seen the video in which IRGC chief commander Jafari comments on his opposition to return of the reformist camp to to power, but says: "by cutting [what has been said] before and after the clip, the views can't be transmitted [to the public]. Saeedi also said the Guards' offer to "help the government" should not be interpreted as the Guards "demanding its share" from power. Read Here
  • Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, Joint Force chief, appointing Joint Force counter espionage chief, explained the conflict between the Islamic Republic and the United States:
    • "We work for pure Islam, and prepare the emergence of the Savior of the world of mankind,..." Discussing export of the revolution, Firouzabadi said: "The Islamic revolution has emerged in different shapes in cultures and states. They once thought war could take place against the Islamic Republic of Iran like [in] Iraq and Afganistan, but today they know that this war would not be against the Islamic Republic, but would encompass the world. This is [why] they must annihilate us from within." Read Here
    • Sohrab Salahi, Professors' Basij chief, questions President Rouhani's appointment of new university deans, calls for "cohesion of the Basij," in order to counter "any kind of sedition." Read Here 

    Nuclear Issue

    • Abbas Araqchi, nuclear negotiator, says the Islamic Republic delegation will engage in bilateral negotiations with the United States delegation, and will meet with the Russian delegation at a separate meeting in Rome Wednesday and Thursday. According to Araqchi, the "sole subject of discussion with the United States is the nuclear issue." and "among the things which will be discussed are sanctions, which must be removed." Read Here
    • Tabnak News condemns the French foreign minister's recent statements about the Islamic Republic's ambitions to have "thousands of centrifuges." Read Here 

    Religion, Society and Culture

    • As Ayatollah Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani criticizes the authorities' harsh treatment of women not adequately abiding by the Islamic Republic dress standards with reference to "principles with no basis in Islam," Raja News releases a late 1980's speech of Rafsanjani's in which he, threatens Iranian women with "violence" if they do not follow the Islamic dress rules. Read Here