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Islamic State Promotes Training Camp in Eastern Afghanistan

28th April 2015 – The Long War Journal

Islamic State Promotes Training Camp in Eastern Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

Three photographs of the “Ustad Yasir” camp were obtained by journalist Saleem Mehsud and published on his Twitter account on April 18. The images were emailed to the Pakistani reporter, Mehsud told The Long War Journal. more...

Analysis & Commentary

25th May 2015 – The Long War Journal

Former Taliban Shadow Governor Appears in New Propaganda Video Depicting Recent Combat in Badakhshan

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

The Taliban released a new propaganda video in late May depicting a recent series of attacks against Afghan security forces in the rugged and remote northeastern province of Badakhshan. The video, which is over an hour long, contains an interview with Qari Fasehuddin, the Taliban shadow governor for Badakhshan, who claimed his group is waging jihad to deter US and German forces from looting Badakhshan’s natural resources. more...

23rd May 2015 – The Long War Journal

Osama Bin Laden’s Files: Taliban Mourned Senior Al Qaeda Leader as US Attempted Negotiations

Thomas Joscelyn, Bill Roggio

Newly-released documents seized from Osama bin Laden’s compound reveal that the Taliban expressed its condolences to al Qaeda for the death of one of its top leaders who was killed in a US drone strike in Pakistan in May 2010. The letter of sympathy and unity was issued during the same timeframe that the Obama administration and US military officials were optimistic about conducting negotiations with the Taliban, and the conventional wisdom was that al Qaeda and the Taliban had split. more...

22nd May 2015 – The Arab Weekly

Afghanistan: The Next Battlefield?

Ali Alfoneh

“We will maintain a presence in Af­ghanistan, even after the end of our current mis­sion,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced. The Atlantic alliance, he said, will have a “light footprint,” with “a military component”. more...

17th May 2015 – The Long War Journal

US Drone Strike Kills 6 Jihadists in North Waziristan

Bill Roggio

The US launched its first drone strike in Pakistan in more than a month, killing at least six jihadists, including “foreigners,” in an area along the Afghan-Pakistan border that is known to host a variety of terrorist groups. more...

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