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Al Qaeda

Why Al Qaeda Released An American Hostage

25th August 2014 – The Weekly Standard

Why Al Qaeda Released An American Hostage

Thomas Joscelyn

Earlier today, the news broke that Peter Theo Curtis, an American who had been held hostage in Syria since 2012, has been released by his captors. more...

Analysis & Commentary

19th September 2014 – House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats

Islamist Foreign Fighters Returning Home and the Threat to Europe

Thomas Joscelyn

Chairman Rohrabacher, Ranking Member Keating and members of the Committee, thank you for inviting me here today to discuss the threat posed by Islamist foreign fighters returning home to Europe. We have been asked to answer the question, “How are European countries addressing the threat, and how can the US assist in those efforts to thwart future terrorist attacks?” I offer my thoughts in more detail below. more...

19th September 2014 – The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda Leader Released from Iranian Custody Reported Killed

Bill Roggio

Abu Amru al Masri was previously described as a "mid-level commander," in one of Osama bin Laden's documents that was dated June 11, 2009. more...

19th September 2014 – FDD Press Release

FDD Scholar Says ‘Strong Possibility’ Foreign Fighters Could Attack in Europe or United States

WASHINGTON – Thomas Joscelyn, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, warned Friday that there is a “strong possibility” foreign fighters aligned with the Islamic State or al-Qaeda will return to the United States or Europe to commit an act of terror. more...

17th September 2014 – Quoted by Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times

Like A Sibling Spat for Attention, Islamic State-al Qaeda ‘Competition’ Could Prompt U.S. Strikes

Bill Roggio

Islamic State militants may now be engaged in a competition with al Qaeda to be the successors to Osama bin Laden’s terrorist empire, with disastrous implications for Americans’ safety, top security officials said Wednesday. more...

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