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Dissent likely to be muted on Egyptian revolution’s fifth anniversary

22nd January 2016 – The Hill

Dissent likely to be muted on Egyptian revolution’s fifth anniversary

Oren Kessler

Monday is the fifth anniversary of Egypt's Jan. 25 revolution, but you'd be forgiven for not noticing. more...

Analysis & Commentary

15th April 2016 – Quoted by Howard LaFranchi - CS Monitor

Obama and human rights: Is ‘soft power’ working?

Mark Dubowitz

A new and downbeat assessment of human rights trends worldwide is raising questions about whether the Obama administration’s approach to foreign policy is making the situation worse. more...

13th April 2016 – Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon - The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: Saudi-Egypt deals part of Gulf effort to unite Sunnis against Iran

David Andrew Weinberg

Recently signed agreements between Saudi Arabia and Egypt appear to be part of a broader Saudi effort to build a regional Sunni alliance against Iran, yet the results of such an alliance are still lacking. more...

13th April 2016 – The Hill

Egypt hands strategic Red Sea islands to Saudis, and Israel doesn’t object

Oren Kessler

Egypt and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement Saturday for Cairo to return control of two uninhabited but strategic Red Sea islands to the kingdom. The islands — Tiran and Sanafir — lie in the Straits of Tiran, a key waterway linking the Red Sea with Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian ports in the Gulf of Aqaba. more...

7th April 2016 – FDD Policy Brief

U.S. mulls pulling Sinai peacekeeping force

Oren Kessler

The United States is considering pulling its roughly 700 troops out of a base its forces have occupied for three decades in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, CNN reported Tuesday. more...