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Palestinian Politics

The Death and Life of the Two-State Solution

16th June 2015 – Foreign Affairs - Co-authored by Amir Tibon

The Death and Life of the Two-State Solution

Grant Rumley

On March 17, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection, thanks in part to a desperate last-minute pledge to his right-wing base that the Palestinians would never get a state so long as he was in power. After the election, he tried to walk his comments back, but Palestinian observers weren’t buying it. more...

Analysis & Commentary

1st July 2015 – The Washington Times

Men of Peace in a Realm of War

Clifford D. May

Last week, I paid a couple of visits to the West Bank or, as Israel’s enemies call it, “the illegally occupied Palestinian territories.” Israelis who live and work there are more likely to use the biblical name: Judea and Samaria. more...

24th June 2015 – The Washington Times

How to Worsen the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Clifford D. May

The “peace process” between Israelis and Palestinians has ground to a halt. What should American and European leaders do? Try not to make the situation worse. more...

22nd June 2015 – Quoted by Nathan Brown - Middle East Eye

Poised for a Comeback, Palestine’s Dahlan Has ‘Power, Not Popularity’

Grant Rumley

When a Ramallah court cleared Palestinian politician Mohammed Dahlan of corruption charges in April this year, Sevag Torossian, one among Dahlan’s legal team, hailed the court’s decision as a “great victory for the political future of Palestine”. more...

16th June 2015 – Quoted by Teresa Welsh - U.S. News & World Report

Samantha Power: US Won’t Commit to Veto of Palestinian State Resolution

Grant Rumley

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Tuesday refused to categorically say if the U.S. would veto a potential Security Council resolution calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state, prompting concern from congressional lawmakers over the Obama administration's continuing commitment to Israel. more...

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