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Palestinian Politics

In Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas VS Mohammad Dahlan

2nd January 2015 – National Interest

In Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas VS Mohammad Dahlan

Grant Rumley

Thousands marched in the streets of Gaza last Thursday in support of Mohammad Dahlan, a longtime rival of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas who has lived in the UAE ever since Abbas forced him into exile in 2011. Protesters blasted Abbas, whom they accused of corruption, tyranny and even treason, while at the same time cheering the exiled former leader. more...

Analysis & Commentary

24th February 2015 – Quoted by David Taylor - The Times of London

Palestinian Authorities Fined After Conviction on Terror Charge

Jonathan Schanzer

The Palestine Liberation Organisation and the Palestinian Authority were last night ordered to pay more than $218 million after a landmark US court ruling found them guilty of providing material support for terrorists. more...

24th February 2015 – Business Insider

How a Major American Court Ruling Could Plunge the Palestinian Authority Into Crisis

Grant Rumley

A New York court ruled on Monday that the Palestinian Authority was responsible for six terror attacks that killed and wounded scores of civilians during the second intifada, a period of intense violence in the early 2000s between Israel and the Palestinians. more...

24th February 2015 – Quoted by Jack Moore - Newsweek

Israeli Settlement Tenders Reach 10-Year High

Grant Rumley

A 10-year record number of tenders were issued by the Israeli government for the construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinians territories last year, a new report by an Israeli settlement watchdog has revealed. more...

24th February 2015 – CNN International


Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses the recent judgment made against the PA and PLO. more...

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