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Palestinian Politics

A House Undivided: Israel’s New Consensus Politics

16th March 2015 – The National Interest

A House Undivided: Israel’s New Consensus Politics

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Israelis go to the polls on March 17, and in a time-honored tradition, international pundits are hoping for a political earthquake. This ballot, they say, will finally and completely determine whether Israel ever makes peace with the Palestinians, whether its inter-communal tension will devolve into civil war and whether it can stop an Iranian nuclear bomb before it is too late. more...

Analysis & Commentary

26th March 2015 – Quoted by Sarah Westwood - Washington Examiner

Feds canceled Deloitte Palestinian contract on evidence of joint cover-up

Jonathan Schanzer

A $12.2 million contract to boost the Palestinian economy was scrapped more than a year before its scheduled completion after U.S. Agency for International Development officials covered up the poor performance of its contractor, Deloitte Consulting. more...

25th March 2015 – The Washington Times

What Netanyahu didn’t say

Clifford D. May

What is it about Israel in general and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in particular that leads to so much careless reporting and tendentious commentary? more...

22nd March 2015 – Quoted by Katie Sanders - Politifact

Israeli ambassador tells U.S. audience Netanyahu didn’t change position on two-state solution

Jonathan Schanzer

Sunday shows fixed their spotlight on newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose campaign-season remarks shutting down a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict inflamed tensions with the White House. more...

21st March 2015 – Quoted by Neil Munro - Daily Caller

Obama To Netanyahu: I May Allow UN Support For Arabs

Jonathan Schanzer

White House spokesman Josh Earnest suggested March 20 that the United States would not veto a future anti-Israel resolution by the United Nations Security Council. more...

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