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Palestine on Deck

2nd August 2015 – Foreign Affairs

Palestine on Deck

Grant Rumley

No major actor in the Middle East will go unaffected by the recent nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 negotiators, and the Palestinians are no exception. more...

Analysis & Commentary

3rd August 2015 – The Washington Institute

Shiite Combat Casualties Show the Depth of Iran’s Involvement in Syria

Ali Alfoneh

During a televised address on July 26, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad admitted for the first time that his regime is suffering from "a lack of human resources" in the ongoing civil war, implicitly acknowledging the casualties inflicted on the various Iranian-sponsored forces assisting his troops. more...

3rd August 2015 – I24 News

Firm Whose Crane Was Used for Hangings Set to Re-enter Iran Market

Benjamin Weinthal

An Austrian company, Palfinger AG, whose crane equipment was used to for executions, is set to re-enter the Iranian market. Company head Herbert Ortner says there is strong demand for cranes in Iran because there is no local production, the Austria Press Agency reported. more...

3rd August 2015 – National Interest

Egypt: Iran’s Next Sunni Rival

Oren Kessler

After an initially cautious response to the Iran nuclear deal, Egypt upped the ante against Tehran last week, with both the Foreign Ministry and the Al-Azhar religious seminary condemning the Islamic Republic’s “interference” in Arab affairs. more...

2nd August 2015 – The Jerusalem Post

Business As Usual: Austria to Sell Iran Cranes for Possible Use in Hangings

Benjamin Weinthal

Traditionally, Austrian governments have been the least critical of the Islamic Republic’s human rights violations. Now, Austria’s government plans to rekindle a business relationship that could involve the export of cranes, to be used to hang Iranians. more...

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