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Trading Peace in Egypt and Israel

23rd August 2015 – Foreign Affairs

Trading Peace in Egypt and Israel

Oren Kessler

This year marks the tenth anniversary of an Egyptian-Israeli economic partnership that has quietly pumped billions into Cairo’s vulnerable economy. The free-trade framework known as Qualifying Industrial Zones, or QIZs, is one of the few points of economic normalization to have grown out of Israel’s 1979 peace agreement with Egypt and subsequent deal with Jordan. more...

Analysis & Commentary

30th September 2015 – Quoted by Jessica Schulberg - The Huffington Post

Mahmoud Abbas Tells UN He Will No Longer Observe Oslo Accords

Grant Rumley

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday declared that he will no longer be bound by the 1993 Oslo Accords between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, citing Israel's failure to uphold its obligations under the peace agreement. more...

28th September 2015 –


John Hannah

KT McFarland and John Hannah discuss how Iran deal affects war against ISIS, relations with Israel. more...

28th September 2015 – Business Insider

The Palestinians Are Facing a Serious Generational Crisis

Grant Rumley

Amidst clashes between Palestinians and Israeli policemen on the al-Aqsa compound last week, protests erupted across the West Bank in support of the Haram as-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, also known as the Temple Mount. more...

24th September 2015 – Quoted by The Tower

Think Tank Director: America’s Interests Are Advanced By Supporting Israel

Clifford D. May

Supporting Israel is in the United States’ interest for reasons of security and idealism, the head of a major think tank stated earlier this week. more...