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In Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas VS Mohammad Dahlan

2nd January 2015 – National Interest

In Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas VS Mohammad Dahlan

Grant Rumley

Thousands marched in the streets of Gaza last Thursday in support of Mohammad Dahlan, a longtime rival of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas who has lived in the UAE ever since Abbas forced him into exile in 2011. Protesters blasted Abbas, whom they accused of corruption, tyranny and even treason, while at the same time cheering the exiled former leader. more...

Analysis & Commentary

28th January 2015 – Sun News Network

Straight Talk

Benjamin Weinthal

FDD Research Fellow Benjamin Weinthal shares his reaction to news of a strike on the Israel-Lebanon border by Hezbollah. more...

23rd January 2015 – Business Insider

Inside The Slow-Burning Internal Crisis That’s Gripping The Palestinian Leadership

Grant Rumley

"Palestine cannot be run by bullying, dictatorship and the falsification of facts which Mahmoud Abbas and his gang use on daily basis.” So said Mohammad Dahlan, a chief rival of Abbas and the instigator of a massive rally in Gaza last month that featured posters of the Palestinian Authority leader hanged in the street. more...

23rd January 2015 – Now Media

One Small Israeli Strike, One Very Big Strategic Game

Tony Badran

Israel dealt Iran a painful blow on Sunday when it struck a convoy of senior Iranian and Hezbollah commanders in Quneitra in the Golan Heights. more...

22nd January 2015 – Quoted by Zack Beauchamp - Vox

It’s Over: Why the Palestinians Are Finally Giving Up on Obama and the US Peace Process

Grant Rumley

"If you want," PLO executive committee member Hanan Ashrawi offered, "I can call him right now." The "him" in question was Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. This was mid-November 2014; I was with a group of journalists in Ashrawi's Ramallah office, and we were all asking her about the dramatic flameout of John Kerry's effort to produce an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement in late April. more...

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