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Jerusalem, on a Knife’s Edge

10th November 2014 – Foreign Policy

Jerusalem, on a Knife’s Edge

Jonathan Schanzer

Stabbing attacks and random acts of Palestinian terror have brought the violence in Gaza and the West Bank into the heart of Israel. more...

Analysis & Commentary

20th November 2014 – Fox News

Happening Now

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP of Research Jonathan Schanzer explains how Turkey's lax border policies enable the Islamic State. more...

20th November 2014 – Quoted by Richard Baehr - Israel Hayom

Mass Murderer Moderate Mahmoud

Jonathan Schanzer

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, under pressure from U.S. ‎Secretary of State John Kerry, uttered a few words on Tuesday that appeared to ‎condemn the barbaric attack by two Palestinians in a synagogue in Jerusalem. more...

19th November 2014 – National Review Online

Will Western Leaders Learn from the Synagogue Attack?

Benjamin Weinthal

The latest Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem has profound implications, both for Israel’s security and for the broader Middle East. more...

19th November 2014 – CTV

CTV News

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP of Research Jonathan Schanzer comments on rising tensions in Jerusalem. more...

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