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Jerusalem, on a Knife’s Edge

10th November 2014 – Foreign Policy

Jerusalem, on a Knife’s Edge

Jonathan Schanzer

Stabbing attacks and random acts of Palestinian terror have brought the violence in Gaza and the West Bank into the heart of Israel. more...

Analysis & Commentary

11th December 2014 – Now Lebanon

Exploding the Israel-Assad Myth

Tony Badran

To this day, some even remain convinced that Israel’s supposed preference for the Assad regime stands behind Washington’s de facto pro-Assad policy more...

9th December 2014 – Quoted by Ben Cohen - The Algemeiner

Ireland to Accept Motion to Recognize Palestinian State

Emanuele Ottolenghi

The Irish government will accept a motion proposed by the opposition Sinn Fein party on Tuesday that asks the country’s parliament to recognize a Palestinian state. The decision comes after the upper house of Ireland’s legislature passed a motion in October calling for such recognition. more...

9th December 2014 – Cited by David Gerstman - Legal Insurrection

Can Obama Get the Government He Wants in Israel?

Jonathan Schanzer

Last week Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu started the process of dissolving his government coalition to bring about new elections in March of next year. more...

8th December 2014 – Foreign Policy

Hamas’s Main Man from Turkey to Tehran

Jonathan Schanzer, Grant Rumley

Israel filed a complaint with NATO in late November over Turkey’s role in supporting terrorism in the West Bank and Gaza. more...

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