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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Saudi Arabia Still Hostile To Israel

15th May 2017 – The Forward

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Saudi Arabia Still Hostile To Israel

David Daoud, David Andrew Weinberg

Before visiting Jerusalem in several days, President Trump will stop in Saudi Arabia for meetings with Islamic leaders to discuss joint efforts against extremism. He may wish to start with Saudi Arabia’s own mixed record on incitement against Israel and the Jewish people. more...

Analysis & Commentary

24th May 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Pro-BDS Professor Declines Dartmouth College Dean Position

Benjamin Weinthal

A professor of Native American studies at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire who co-authored a declaration urging the boycott of Israeli educational institutions walked back his acceptance as the dean of the college’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Tuesday. more...

23rd May 2017 – Quoted by Oren Dorrell - USA Today

What would it take to jump-start Israeli-Palestinian peace talks?

Jonathan Schanzer

President Trump ended his visit to the Middle East, saying peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible and promising “to do everything I can” to bring it about. more...

22nd May 2017 – Quoted by Adam Abrams -

Amid airtight security, Trump visit brings hope of ‘historic gains’ in the Middle East

Jonathan Schanzer

In Jerusalem Sunday night, as the city prepared to mark the 50th anniversary of its reunification, Israel’s capital felt more like a city under siege than in the midst of a celebration. The airtight security came as President Donald Trump was set to arrive in Jerusalem the next day. more...

22nd May 2017 – Quoted by Stephen Loiaconi - WJLA

Trump, experts see opportunity for progress toward Israel-Palestine peace

Jonathan Schanzer

President Donald Trump said Monday that he has a feeling a renewed effort to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine will eventually lead to an agreement in “one of the toughest deals of all.” more...