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North Africa

Reported Israeli Raid on Sudan Could Reveal Khartoum’s Duplicity

6th May 2015 – FDD Policy Brief

Reported Israeli Raid on Sudan Could Reveal Khartoum’s Duplicity

Jonathan Schanzer

Sudan may have joined the Saudi-led fight against Iran-backed proxies in Yemen last month, but it also may still be cooperating with Iran to arm the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in the Gaza Strip. more...

Analysis & Commentary

20th July 2015 – Quoted by Melissa Clyne - Newsmax

Qaida-Linked Group Executes ISIS Chief ‘Game of Thrones’ Style

Thomas Joscelyn

In an apparent attempt to beat the Islamic State at its own game of propaganda, a group in eastern Libya linked to al-Qaida has replicated HBO's popular series "Game of Thrones" by publicly humiliating and then hanging an ISIS commander to send a message to locals that sympathizing with ISIS would result in the same fate, The Daily Beast reports. more...

19th July 2015 – Quoted by Shane Harris, Nancy A. Youssef - The Daily Beast

Town Shames ISIS Chief ‘Cersei Lannister-Style’—and Then Executes Him

Thomas Joscelyn

In a scene of medieval brutality, a jihadi group fighting to control a strategically important Libyan port captured ISIS’s local commander there, paraded him through the streets amid the taunts of onlookers, and then walked him to a gallows, where he was hanged. more...

12th July 2015 – Quoted by Awad Mustafa - Defense News

UAE To Supply Regional Aid in Terror Fight

David Andrew Weinberg

The United Arab Emirates is instituting an armed forces commission to supply financial and military aid to Arab allies for counterterrorism efforts, a UAE source told Defense News. more...

9th July 2015 – The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb Backs Jihadists Fighting Islamic State in Derna, Libya

Thomas Joscelyn

On July 3, three suicide bombers were deployed in the city of Derna, Libya. One of their bombs was intercepted, but the other two were detonated. Several people were killed and 10 or more others were wounded. The victims included women and children. The perpetrators of the attacks belonged to the Islamic State’s arm in the country. more...

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