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Jamil Hassan

Position: Head of Air Force Intelligence

Sanctions: US (June 29, 2011) & EU (May 9, 2011)

On June 29, 2011, the United States sanctioned Jamil Hassan, head of Syrian Air Force Intelligence (AFI), for commissioning human rights abuses in Syria.[1]

One of the four main branches of Syria’s intelligence apparatus, AFI is notoriously ruthless, considered by some to be the “elite agency” among Syria’s intelligence apparatus, and is said to deal primarily with “Islamic opposition” and “covert missions abroad.”[2]

In May 2011, the EU sanctioned Hassan, declaring that he was “involved in the crackdown on the civilian population [in Syria].”[3]

Human Rights Watch (HRW) named Hassan one of 74 military commanders and intelligence officials who allegedly “ordered, authorized or condoned widespread killings, torture and unlawful arrests,” and claimed that he authorized the April 2011 massacre in Saida.[4]

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