Johnson Matthey PLC

United Kingdom



Date: June 2004 – Unclear

Deal: In June 2004, an industry publication reported that Johnson Matthey was contracted by the Kharg Petrochemical Company Limited of Iran (KPC) to provide its low pressure methanol process for a methanol plant under construction at Kharg Island, Iran (Chemical Week, June 30, 2004). (Accessed via LexisNexis)

Date: December 2005 - Unclear

Deal: Johnson Matthey reported in 2005 that it was contracted by KPC to work on a second plant on Kharg Island. The company was contracted to supply the license and catalysts for the plant (Johnson Matthey Catalysts Website, December 13, 2005). It is not clear when Johnson Matthey completed its work on the project.

U.S. Business Ties: According to, Johnson Matthey has received over $8 million in U.S. government contracts from 1998 to 2014. Johnson Matthey received these contracts through its subsidiaries Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical, Johnson Matthey Incorporated, Johnson Matthey Catalog Company INC, Johnson Matthey Holdings, Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells, and Johnson Matthey Limited (, accessed July 9, 2014).

Last Updated: July 9, 2014