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Date: August 2002 – Unknown

Deal: According to Iran's National Petroleum Company (NPC) News Bulletin, in August 2002, NPC awarded a contract for an ammonia and urea plant to Japanese firms Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Tomen Corporation, and Iran's Namvaran. Kawasaki Heavy Industries is a subsidiary of Kawasaki. The contract "calls for the provision of licenses, basic and detailed engineering, supply of equipment and technical assistance for the projects." The plants will process natural gas, producing 396,000 tonnes/year ammonia and 660,000 tonnes/year urea (NPC News Bulletin, August-September 2002).

U.S. Business Ties: According to, between 2000 and 2010, Kawasaki subsidiary Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd received 4,145 U.S. government contracts totaling over $190.6 million. All but two of these contracts were with the U.S. Department of Defense. (, Accessed September 3, 2010)