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16th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

U.S. Senators urge German bank to stop enabling antisemitic BDS campaign

Benjamin Weinthal

Two powerful US Republican senators, both of whom ran significant campaigns for the presidency of America in 2016, weighed in on Thursday against a German bank for aiding the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting the Jewish state. more...

15th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German intel report: Iran seeks to shatter states’ stability with WMD

Benjamin Weinthal

The German intelligence agency of the state of Hesse published a new document on countering the spread of weapons of mass destruction, singling out the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of two states seeking to obtain the ultimate form of powerful weapons. more...

13th July 2018 – Fox News

Fox News

John Hannah

FDD's John Hannah joins Fox News to discuss how NATO will impact the Trump-Putin summit next week. more...

13th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: Paypal closes French BDS media account

Benjamin Weinthal

The giant US online payment service PayPal shut down the account of a major French boycott,sanctions, divestment (BDS) organization targeting Israel on Thursday, The Jerusalem Post has learned. more...

12th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

‘No Jew in Germany’: German police assault Israeli professor

Benjamin Weinthal

The police in the West German city of Bonn allegedly mistakenly beat an Israeli philosophy professor after a German of Palestinian origin attacked him because he was wearing kippah. more...

12th July 2018 – Co-authored by Michael Wilner - The Jerusalem Post

Germany charges Iranian diplomat in Paris bomb plot

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s federal prosecutor on Wednesday charged Assadollah Assadi, an Iranian diplomat based in Vienna, with hiring a Belgium couple of Iranian origin to bomb a Paris- based conference of Iranian dissidents. more...

11th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Calls for German Festival director to resign over BDS support

Benjamin Weinthal

The artistic director of a music festival in the west German city of Bochum is facing growing pressure to resign because of her intense defense of a boycott campaign targeting the Jewish state. more...

9th July 2018 – Fortune Magazine

This Irish Bill Could Create Huge Problems for U.S. Companies Like Apple

Orde Kittrie

A bill expected to pass Ireland’s Senate on Wednesday would criminalize trade in products and services produced in Israeli settlements. If enacted, it could force U.S. firms with Irish divisions or subsidiaries to make a costly choice between violating either Irish law or U.S. law. more...

9th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Report: Germany considers Iranian bid to withdraw 300 million Euros cash

Benjamin Weinthal

Tehran’s regime plans to use the European-Iranian trade bank in the northern German city of Hamburg – with the approval of the German government – to transfer 300 million euros in cash to circumvent pending US sanctions, according to a Sunday report in Germany’s mass circulation Bild. more...

9th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Iran dealt new set back with Austrian airlines cancelling flights

Benjamin Weinthal

The alpine country’s Austrian Airlines announced on Friday that it will stop service to the Iranian cities Isfahan and Shiraz, delivering another business set back to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s already fragile economic situation. more...

8th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Violent attacks committed against Jews in Berlin and Zurich

Benjamin Weinthal

German and Swiss media Sunday reported several violent attacks on Jews in Berlin and Zurich over the weekend. more...

5th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Austrian Jewish community leader slams chancellor for courting Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

The president of the Jewish community in Vienna blasted Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and President Alexander Van der Bellen for providing a military honor welcome to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday. more...

2nd July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German intel: Iran wants to expand weapons into nuclear arsenal

Benjamin Weinthal

A German intelligence report from the state of Bavaria concluded the Islamic Republic of Iran is working to turn its conventional military weapons into a system for weapons of mass destruction. more...

30th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Austria’s Kurz under fire for planned Rouhani meeting

Benjamin Weinthal

Israeli diplomats complained about Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s planned meeting on July 4 with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Vienna while The Simon Wiesenthal Center and an Austrian organization opposed to Iran’s radical regime on Friday slammed the chancellor for courting an antisemitic regime. more...

29th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Report: Iran seeking illegal missile technology in Germany

Benjamin Weinthal

The Islamic Republic of Iran sought to obtain illicit goods for its missile program from Germany, the intelligence agency for Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia, announced on Friday. more...

27th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Citibank and Arab Bank Stop Service to NGO with Links to Terrorism

Benjamin Weinthal

The United Kingdom Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) announced on Tuesday that their organization succeeded in stopping the Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI-P) – a NGO accused of close links to a Palestinian terrorism entity from receiving donations by bank transfers from Citibank and Arab Bank PLC. more...

27th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Frankfurt Deputy Mayor Declares Bands that Support BDS are not Welcome

Benjamin Weinthal

Uwe Becker, the deputy mayor and city treasurer for Frankfurt, announced on Tuesday that artists who support the boycott campaign targeting the Jewish state are not welcome in Germany’s main municipal financial hub, and festivals and organizations that support BDS face loss of city funds. more...

27th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Analysis: How Gulf States can get Europe to Abandon Iran

Benjamin Weinthal

The protests sweeping across Iran are a clear sign the country’s economy and its Islamic revolutionary system are ready to buckle. more...

22nd June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Exclusive: German Islamic Center Raises Money for Hezbollah

Benjamin Weinthal

The Al-Mustafa community center in the city-state of Bremen in northern Germany is a major hub for raising funds for the EU and US designated terrorist organization Hezbollah in Lebanon, according to a German intelligence report reviewed by The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. more...

20th June 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

U.S. Ambassador asks Germany: Stop Iranian Airline from use of Airspace

Benjamin Weinthal

The new US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, requested the German government to block Iran’s Mahan Air from flying within German airspace and deny it landing rights in the country because of the airline’s material support for terrorism. more...


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