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18th May 2018 – Co-authored by Alex Entz - The Weekly Standard

How the US Can Keep Venezuela from Becoming a Failed State

On Sunday, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro will face his country’s hungry, impoverished voters. The election will be neither free nor fair, so another win for the corrupt Socialist party is almost guaranteed. Already, Western countries are rightly rejecting the outcome. more...

13th April 2018 – Foreign Policy

Why Is Trump Going Soft on Hezbollah?

Emanuele Ottolenghi

On Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence is set to meet with regional leaders at the Summit of the Americas, where he should tell those assembled that it is time to launch a coordinated campaign against Hezbollah’s illicit empire in Latin America. (The Vice-President is stepping in for President Donald Trump, who abruptly cancelled his Latin America trip to oversee the U.S. response to Syria’s latest chemical attack outrage). But first, the White House has to show that it is prepared to take the lead by designating Hezbollah, a political and militant organization based in Lebanon, as a Transnational Criminal Organization under U.S. law. more...

9th April 2018 – Quoted by Michael del Castillo - CoinDesk

The Anti-Petro? Zcash Throws Venezuelans a Lifeline

Zooko Wilcox received his first plea for help from someone in Venezuela a few months ago. The founder and CEO of the Zerocoin Electric Coin Company (ZECC) had been closely following what he describes as "a humanitarian crisis of the first order" unfolding in Venezuela when he got that first message, followed by a series of others. more...

25th March 2018 – CoinDesk

Crypto Investors Should Stay Away from Venezuela’s Petro

Yaya J. Fanusie

Venezuela has reportedly made the first state-backed cryptocurrency, the petro, available to the public. Crypto investors should just say no. more...

25th January 2018 – Foreign Podicy

Podcast: A bombing, a cover-up, and a murder

Clifford D. May, Toby Dershowitz


25th December 2017 – Quoted by Heshmat Alavi - Alarabiya

ANALYSIS: How to tackle Obama’s ‘cover up’ of the Hezbollah drug scandal

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Long ago I wrote explaining how Congress is taking the lead on Iran policy. Recently, major developments involving the United States, Iran and the entire Middle East have placed the powerful US legislative body before obligations in the face of arguably the world’s most dangerous regime. more...

19th December 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Podcast: Hezbollah’s Narco-Terror Nexus in Latin America

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Iranian-backed Hezbollah is leveraging its growing global network to launder huge amounts of money, traffic weapons, and engage in a long list of illicit activities that are increasingly overlapping with the work of Latin American narcos. more...

19th December 2017 – Foreign Podicy

Podcast: The Latin American Narco-Terrorism Nexus

Clifford D. May, Emanuele Ottolenghi

Iranian-backed Hezbollah has made common cause with Latin America’s drug cartels. Their growing network launders huge amounts of money, traffics weapons, and engages in a long list of other illicit activities. more...

11th December 2017 – The New York Times

Iranian Terror. Argentinian Cover Up. Justice at Last?

Mark Dubowitz, Toby Dershowitz

One morning last week, Argentines woke up to a political earthquake: A judge had charged a former president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, with “treason against the homeland,” punishable by up to 25 years in prison. more...

7th December 2017 – Quoted by Ben Cohen - The Algemeiner

Argentine Judge Indicts Fmr. President Kirchner, FM Timerman, for AMIA Bombing Cover-Up

Toby Dershowitz

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner faces losing her parliamentary immunity as the first step toward a treason trial over a cover-up of Iran’s responsibility for the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital. more...

6th December 2017 – Quoted by Kyra Gurney - The Miami Herald

In Washington, Venezuela’s plan to create a ‘Bitcoin’ seen as a sign of desperation

Yaya J. Fanusie

Venezuela’s announcement that it plans to launch a national crypto-currency to evade U.S. sanctions has been met with skepticism in Washington, where lawmakers see the proposal as a sign of the regime’s increasing desperation. more...

20th November 2017 – Citado por Damián Nabot - La Nacion

Interés de EE.UU. por la Triple Frontera

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Robert Pittenger integra el grupo de legisladores republicanos que mantienen su apoyo público y privado al presidente Donald Trump , incluso al grado de acusar de "neuróticos" a los medios de comunicación que ventilan escándalos por los contactos entre la familia presidencial y Rusia. more...

17th November 2017 – Quoted by Adam Taylor - The Washington Post

Amid growing isolation, North Korea falls back on close ties with Cuba

In the midst of increasing international isolation, North Korea is sending its foreign minister to an old ally: Cuba. In a short message released Friday, North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency announced that Ri Yong Ho and his delegation departed on their journey to Havana. more...

15th November 2017 – Citado por Ultima Hora

Paraguay, entre los países que menos pagan impuesto al tabaco

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Datos oficiales entregados por el Ministerio de Hacienda al Frente Guasu señalan que Paraguay es el segundo país con menor carga impositiva por venta de tabaco en relación a otros países del mundo. Chile es la nación que aplica mayor impuesto por cajetilla vendida. more...

15th November 2017 – Citado por ANDigital

Se puso en marcha la Mesa Nacional Antipiratería

Emanuele Ottolenghi

El titular de la CAME, Fabián Tarrío, expresó que “la venta ilegal es un negocio millonario, diseñado por mafias organizadas que desarrollan un sistema de trabajo esclavo, trata de personas en talleres clandestinos, contrabando, robo, competencia desleal y corrupción”. more...

15th November 2017 – Citado por El Cronista

Lanzaron una mesa nacional para combatir la piratería

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Funcionarios del Ministerio de Seguridad que comanda Patricia Bullrich, la Confederación de la Mediana Empresa (CAME) y la Asociación Civil Antipiratería Argentina (ACAA) firmaron ayer un acuerdo de cooperación para la lucha contra la venta ilegal y la piratería. more...

15th November 2017 – Citado por San Luis 24

Lanzamiento oficial de la Mesa Nacional Antipiratería

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Funcionarios del Ministerio de Seguridad de la Nación firmaron junto a la Cámara Argentina de la Mediana Empresa (CAME) y la Asociación Civil Antipiratería Argentina un acuerdo de cooperación para la lucha contra la venta ilegal y la piratería; de esta forma se realizó el lanzamiento oficial de la Mesa Nacional por el Comercio Legal. more...

14th November 2017 – Citado por Ultima Hora

José Ortiz: Impuesto al tabaco “es totalmente exagerado”

Emanuele Ottolenghi

El gerente de Tabesa, José Ortiz, afirmó que la trazabilidad del impuesto al tabaco es "absolutamente exagerada". Afirmó que, de aplicarse este tributo nuevo, se potenciará el mercado negro de cigarrillos. Justificó el contrabando de sus productos hacia otros países. more...

14th November 2017 – Citado por Ultima Hora

Esperanza Martínez: Estamos por la salud, no por el negocio del tabaco

Emanuele Ottolenghi

La senadora por el Frente Guasu, Esperanza Martínez, afirmó que es necesaria la aplicación de un mayor impuesto al tabaco. Señaló que se necesitan recursos para sostener los programas de salud. Afirmó que la industria de cigarrillos deberá reconvertirse. more...

13th November 2017 – The Hill

Thanks to US pressure, Maduro’s reckoning is coming

On Thursday, the U.S. used its latest round of sanctions on 10 current and former government officials to emphasize its commitment to denouncing fraudulent elections in Venezuela as well as promoting the human rights of those suffering under Maduro’s corrupt regime. By continuing to name-and-shame those in the regime responsible for such crimes, the U.S. has a unique opportunity to both help support a return to democracy and protect the Venezuelan economy from total collapse. more...


Toby Dershowitz

Senior Vice President