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4th July 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US-backed forces enter Islamic State stronghold within Raqqa

Thomas Joscelyn

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have entered the Old City of Raqqa, according to the US military and posts on the SDF’s social media. more...

1st July 2017 – Fox News

Journal Editorial Report

Clifford D. May

FDD president Clifford May discusses Trump administration warning about Syria launching chemical attacks. more...

29th June 2017 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Tony Badran

FDD senior fellow Tony Badran discusses Syria as ISIS disappears. more...

28th June 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

Syrian Opposition: Assad Visited Iranian Chemical Weapons Facility

Benjamin Weinthal

A Syrian opposition website claimed on Wednesday that President Bashar al-Assad recently visited an Iranian-run chemical weapons and missile production facility, The Time of Israel reported. more...

27th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Qods Day commemorations highlight Tehran’s global reach

Amir Toumaj

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies abroad on Friday commemorated Qods (Jerusalem) Day, an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan and established by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to express support for Palestinians and opposition to Israel. more...

23rd June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Key Islamic State ‘finance emir’ killed in eastern Syria, US says

Thomas Joscelyn

US Central Command (CENTCOM) announced today that Fawaz Muhammad Jubayr al-Rawi, a facilitator who handled millions of dollars for the Islamic State, was killed in a June 16 airstrike in Abu Kamal, Syria. more...

21st June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Islamic State destroys mosque where Baghdadi delivered first speech as ‘caliph’

Thomas Joscelyn

The Iraqi government announced today that the Great Mosque of Al-Nuri in Mosul has been destroyed. more...

20th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US shoots down another Iranian UAV over Syria

Bill Roggio

arlier today, the US military shot down its second unmanned areal vehicle over Syria in the past two weeks. US Central Command (CENTCOM) said that the Iranian-made drone was shot down after it “displayed hostile intent and advanced on Coalition forces.” more...

20th June 2017 – Quoted by Dwayne Harmon - Newburgh Gazette

Russian Federation threatens after United States downs Syrian warplane Newburgh Gazette http://newbu

Bill Roggio

Syria said earlier that the US-led Coalition had shot down one of its planes as it carried out a combat mission against Islamic State fighters. Newburgh Gazette more...

20th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

CENTCOM confirms Islamic State’s ‘Grand Mufti’ killed in airstrike

Thomas Joscelyn

US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed today that the Islamic State’s Turki al-Bin’ali was killed in a May 31 airstrike in Mayadin, Syria. more...

19th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US downs Syrian warplane while defending SDF

Bill Roggio

The US military shot down a Syrian fighter bomber yesterday after it attacked Syrian Democratic Forces in a town recently liberated from the Islamic State. more...

19th June 2017 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Thomas Joscelyn

FDD Senior Fellow Thomas Joscelyn discusses US air-to-air combat and Al-Qaeda, ISIS attack and Assad. more...

19th June 2017 – Quoted by Tim Hume - Vice News

A Flexing Contest In Syria May Trap The U.S. In An Endless Conflict

Bill Roggio


19th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Iranian media reports missile strike in Syria

Behnam Ben Taleblu

On Sunday, Iranian outlets reported that their country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Aerospace Force (IRGC-AF) fired several missiles against “Takfiri terrorists” in the Syrian governorate of Deir ez-Zor. more...

19th June 2017 – Quoted by Agence France Presse

America’s widening role in Syria’s civil war

Bill Roggio

The unprecedented US downing of a Syrian regime warplane highlights the rapidly shifting dynamic in the six-year conflict where President Donald Trump has given American commanders a freer rein in the battlefield. more...

19th June 2017 – Quoted by Tim Hume - Vice News

A Flexing Contest In Syria May Trap The U.S. In An Endless Conflict

Bill Roggio

Russia’s defense ministry didn’t mince words Monday about its willingness to attack U.S. military jets in Syria. more...

19th June 2017 – Quoted by Nahal Toosi - Politico

Trump still doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with Assad

Mark Dubowitz

With tensions escalating between the United States and Russia, the White House still has no larger strategy on how to deal with fresh conflicts sure to arise in parts of Syria once the Islamic State is pushed out. more...

16th June 2017 – The Hill

Boeing’s Iran deal: Jobs claim is murky at best

Toby Dershowitz, Tyler Stapleton

In December of 2016 Boeing announced that a new sale of 80 aircraft to Iran Air would “support nearly 100,000 U.S. jobs.” Those numbers seem murky at best. more...

15th June 2017 – Quoted by Yochanan Visser - Western Journalism

Hezbollah Openly Provokes US Forces In Eastern Syria, US Army Brings In A New Deadly Weapon

Tony Badran

The covert war between Iranian proxies and American forces in Syria is further heating up after the U.S. military was forced to shoot down an Iranian-made Shahed 129 drone which threatened U.S. soldiers and their allies in eastern Syria last Thursday and Iranian proxies took over the area along the Syrian-Iraqi border last weekend. more...

14th June 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Qassem Soleimani allegedly spotted in Syria near the Iraqi border

Amir Toumaj

A Lebanese Hezbollah media arm released a photo of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Qods Force chief Qassem Soleimani today “by the Syrian border with Iraq.” more...


Tony Badran

Research Fellow


9th June 2016 - 4:00 PM

Genocide by ISIS: The Plight of Yazidis in Iraq & Syria

When ISIS began attacking the Yazidi community in Iraq’s Sinjar Mountains in 2014, Ms. Dakhil brought international attention to the catastrophe through an impassioned parliamentary address, pleading for protection and assistance for a civilian population facing enslavement or execution.

13th May 2015 - 11:30 AM

Disputed Borders and the Struggle for Order: Addressing Security Threats in the Middle East

With continued Hezbollah activity emanating from Lebanon, Iran and the IRGC trying to set up a base of operations in the Golan Heights, the decline of the Assad regime in southern Syria, and rising tensions in the Sinai Peninsula, Israel's security situation has become increasingly complex and dangerous. What is the Israeli security outlook for the near and mid-term future?