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13th February 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Pakistani General talks tough on terrorism, but remains short on action

Bill Roggio

During the “Chiefs of Defence” meeting held in Kabul earlier today, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff claimed that his country “has eliminated all terrorist sanctuaries from its soil” and blamed “residual signatures of terrorists” on Afghan refugees living there. more...

12th February 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Pakistani Taliban confirms US killed deputy emir in North Waziristan drone strike

Bill Roggio

Sajna Mehsud was killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan, not in Afghanistan like some Pakistani officials have claimed. Sajna lead the group's powerful Mehsud faction, was close to al Qaeda, and was responsible for murdering thousands of Pakistanis. more...

6th February 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US launches airstrikes on Taliban training camps

Bill Roggio

The camps were used by the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and other terrorist groups. more...

6th February 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US conducts 10 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

US forces conducted a record 120 strikes in Yemen in 2017 and appears to be operating at a similar tempo thus far in 2018. more...

3rd February 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Syrian jihadist group downs Russian Su-25 jet

Thomas Joscelyn

Hay'at Tahrir al Sham has released two videos and a short statement claiming that its men downed a Russian warplane. The Russian defense ministry confirmed that the jet was lost after it was struck by a "a portable anti-aircraft missile system." more...

29th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US military halts release of data on Taliban-controlled districts

Bill Roggio

The US Department of Defense has curbed the release of unclassified information on Taliban controlled and contested districts and other key metrics about Afghan security force performance to the Special Investigator General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR). more...

26th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Designations highlight Taliban’s longstanding ties to al Qaeda

Bill Roggio

The designation of Taliban leaders on the Peshawar Shura highlights the continuity of the Taliban-al Qaeda relationship in Afghanistan and Pakistan that has endured more than 16 years of war against the US and its allies. more...

26th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Al Qaeda head blames Islamists for failure of Arab uprisings

Thomas Joscelyn

In a newly-released audio message, Ayman al Zawahiri blames Islamist parties in Tunisia and Egypt for the failure of the Arab uprisings to deliver sharia-based governance. more...

25th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: US Treasury Department reveals new details about the Taliban’s network

Thomas Joscelyn

The US Treasury Department designated six Taliban-Haqqani figures as terrorists today. Treasury's identifying information locates five of the six -- including three senior Taliban finance officials and the deputy leader of the group's military commission -- inside Pakistan. At least two of the newly-sanctioned men have ties to al Qaeda. more...

24th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Pakistan ‘condemns drone strike’ that killed Haqqani Network commander

Bill Roggio

The Pakistan government often criticizes US airstrikes that kill members of the Afghan Taliban, including Haqqani Network leaders. more...

23rd January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Senior AQAP leader added to US terror list by State Department

Thomas Joscelyn

The State Department has added Khalid Batarfi, an al Qaeda veteran and senior al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader, to the US government's list of specially designated global terrorists. Batarfi threatened the US and Jews in a video released by AQAP just yesterday. more...

22nd January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Afghan and Coalition forces prepare for 2018 offensive against the Taliban

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

Afghan forces will be on the offensive in the coming year, but have significant challenges ahead. more...

19th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Former Guantanamo detainee warns against spilling secrets

Thomas Joscelyn

Ibrahim al Qosi, a former Guantanamo detainee, is one of three senior AQAP leaders featured in a video released this week titled, "Secrets, its Dangers and the Departure of the Best of Us." The video is focused on the US drone campaign and the jihadists' lapses in security. more...

19th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US strike kills 4 Shabaab terrorists

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

The operation occurred approximately 50 kilometers northwest of Kismayo, the site of another recent airstrike. more...

18th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: US seeks extradition of Bin Laden loyalist imprisoned in France

Thomas Joscelyn

The US is seeking the extradition of Christian Ganczarski from France, where he has been imprisoned since 2003. A French court convicted Ganczarski on terror-related charges for his role in the Apr. 11, 2002 suicide bombing at a synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia. The bomber called Ganczarski beforehand to receive his "blessing." A newly-released indictment focuses on Ganczarski's other ties to al Qaeda, including a plot targeting American interests in Australia. more...

11th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US killed three ‘key’ AQAP leaders in Yemen

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

CENTCOM identified the AQAP operatives who were killed as "key Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula leaders." Their responsibilities included "external operations facilitator," an operative who paves the way for attacks outside of Yemen, an arms facilitator, and a member of its proselytizing council. more...

4th January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

State Department designates 3 al Qaeda figures as global terrorists

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

One of the leaders "planned" the March 2015 Bardo Museum attack in Tunis, which was claimed by the Islamic State. Another serves as Shabaab's deputy emir. more...

3rd January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

US strikes Shabaab outside Somali capital

Alexandra N. Gutowski, Bill Roggio

In the first strike of 2018, US forces have again halted an imminent car bomb attack intended for Somalia's capital. more...

2nd January 2018 – FDD's Long War Journal

Trump blasts Pakistan for its ‘lies & deceit’

Bill Roggio

If Trump is serious about hitting back at Pakistan, expect the US to ramp up drone strikes against jihadists, and not just in Pakistan's tribal areas. more...

28th December 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US targets Shabaab fighters, car bomb

Bill Roggio

At least 17 Shabaab fighters were killed and a suicide car bomb was destroyed in two strikes that have taken place in Somalia over the past four days. more...


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7th March 2017 - 11:59 AM

After the Islamic State: Consequences and Beneficiaries

On the heels of the Pentagon delivering its draft plan to destroy the Islamic State to the White House, an important question remains on who would benefit from such a defeat. How can the White House and Pentagon craft such a strategy without emboldening al-Qaeda? How will Iran and Syria be impacted by any denigration of IS control? Who fills the vacuum? How should the administration and others assess the situation?

27th February 2014 - 12:00 PM

Terrorism Finance in Turkey: A Growing Concern

A Conversation with John Cassara, Svante Cornell, Jonathan Schanzer, Tom Joscelyn, and John Hannah

Turkey has been rocked by a sweeping corruption scandal. Prime Minister Erdogan has responded by reassigning policemen and prosecutors, and clamping down on press freedom. While these actions have prompted only muted criticisms from the West, some of the cases raise troubling questions about terrorist activity in Turkey – including financial ties to Iran, Hamas, and even al-Qaeda figures. FDD has produced research recently on these issues. But many questions remain.