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17th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Details remain vague after four more US strikes against AQAP in Yemen

Alexandra N. Gutowski

US forces have conducted at least five more strikes against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the last two months. CENTCOM has not release strike details for any strikes against AQAP in Yemen in 2017. more...

14th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Map: US hits Islamic State in Yemen as jihadist attacks intensify in Aden

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

The US has stepped up its air campaign on the Islamic State's network in Yemen as the group has intensified its attacks on Yemeni security forces in the alternate capital of Aden. more...

13th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US launches 3 more strikes in Somalia

Bill Roggio, Alexandra N. Gutowski

The US military continues to intensify its air campaign in Somalia against Shabaab and its rival, the Islamic State. more...

13th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Shabaab touts deadly raid on Somali military base

Bill Roggio

The video serves as an important reminder of Shabaab's continual potent threat against both African Union and Somali forces inside Somalia. more...

10th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US military targets al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia

Bill Roggio

The US military has now targeted Shabaab forces using airstrikes at least 14 times this year. Shabaab has continued to threaten the Somali capital despite the increased US targeting. more...

8th November 2017 – The Washington Times

Osama bin Laden’s secret diary

Clifford D. May

On May 2, 2011, a Navy SEAL team made a brief stop in Abbottabad, Pakistan where they terminated Osama bin Laden’s life and then moved on to their second mission: collecting as much information as possible from within the al Qaeda leader’s compound. more...

7th November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Hamza bin Laden lionizes his father and incites ‘rebellion’ in new audio message

Thomas Joscelyn

In a newly released audio message, Hamza bin Laden praises his father for spreading jihadism and attacking the US. Hamza calls on Muslims to rise up against "tyrant" rulers and wage jihad until sharia is imposed. The message was posted online just days after the CIA released a video from Hamza's wedding. The video was recovered in Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound. more...

3rd November 2017 – The Weekly Standard

Documenting al Qaeda’s Durability

Thomas Joscelyn

More than 16 years after the September 11, 2001, hijackings, America remains at war with jihadist groups around the globe. From South Asia through the heart of the Middle East and into West Africa, American forces are battling terrorist organizations that seek to control territory while threatening the West. How did we arrive at this point? more...

3rd November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US targets Islamic State fighters in Somali airstrikes

Bill Roggio

The US military launched its first airstrike against the Islamic State's network in the eastern African country of Somalia earlier today, complementing a decade long air campaign against Shabaab, al Qaeda's branch in the country. more...

1st November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Read Osama bin Laden’s handwritten journal

Thomas Joscelyn

The CIA has released Osama bin Laden's handwritten, 228-page journal, which is available to the public in this post. more...

1st November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Analysis: CIA releases massive trove of Osama bin Laden’s files

Thomas Joscelyn, Bill Roggio

The CIA is releasing hundreds of thousands of documents, images, and computer files recovered during the May 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The newly-available material provides invaluable insights into the terrorist organization that struck America on September 11, 2001. more...

1st November 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

CIA releases video of Hamza bin Laden’s wedding

Thomas Joscelyn

The US has released a video from Hamza bin Laden's wedding, providing a more recent image of Osama's heir than was previously available. The video was recovered during the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound in May 2011. FDD's Long War Journal assesses that the wedding likely took place inside Iran, where Hamza was detained until being released sometime in 2010. more...

31st October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Islamic Jihad Union showcases ‘special forces’ training camp

Bill Roggio

The IJU joins a list of jihadist groups that have publicized its training camps inside Afghanistan, including the Taliban, the Turkistan Islamic Party, and the Imam Bukhari Jamaat. training camp joins similar training camps in Afghanistan advertised by the Taliban, the Turkistan Islamic Party, Imam Bukhari Jamaat, Harakat-ul-Mujahideen and others. more...

27th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US military hits Islamic State in Yemen

Bill Roggio

An estimated 60 Islamic State fighters are thought to have been killed in three US strikes that have targeted the group over the past two weeks. more...

25th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US and Gulf nations sanction 8 jihadists in Yemen

Thomas Joscelyn

The US Treasury Department and several Gulf States announced today that eight jihadists in Yemen have been designated as terrorists. The newly-sanctioned terrorists serve either the Islamic State's Yemeni branch, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or both. more...

22nd October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Leader of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar emerges after reports of his death

Bill Roggio

Omar Khalid Khurasani, who was reported to have died on Oct. 19 after a US drone strike, is alive. However, he confirmed the death of Khalifa Umar Mansour, the group's military leader who was killed in a US airstrike back in Afghanistan in July 2016. more...

19th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban overruns Afghan army camp in Kandahar

Bill Roggio

Afghan forces suffered 97 percent casualties during the suicide assault. The attack is the latest in the southern province, where the Taliban has stepped up its attacks on Afghan military outposts. more...

17th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Taliban suicide assault teams kill Paktia police chief

Bill Roggio

Taliban suicide teams hit the police headquarters and a training center in the provincial capital of Gardez City. Twenty-two policemen and 20 civilians were killed and scores more were wounded. more...

16th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

US drones target Taliban commander in Pakistan’s tribal areas

Bill Roggio

The strike took place just days after Pakistan freed two westerners and their children from Taliban custody in the same tribal agency. more...

13th October 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Indian forces kill Jaish-e-Mohammed commander in Kashmir

Bill Roggio, Philip Hegseth

The commander, who went by the alias Abu “Khalid,” or Shahid Showkat, was highly sought by Indian security forces for his role in orchestrating attacks targeting Indian military positions and personnel. more...


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7th March 2017 - 11:59 AM

After the Islamic State: Consequences and Beneficiaries

On the heels of the Pentagon delivering its draft plan to destroy the Islamic State to the White House, an important question remains on who would benefit from such a defeat. How can the White House and Pentagon craft such a strategy without emboldening al-Qaeda? How will Iran and Syria be impacted by any denigration of IS control? Who fills the vacuum? How should the administration and others assess the situation?

27th February 2014 - 12:00 PM

Terrorism Finance in Turkey: A Growing Concern

A Conversation with John Cassara, Svante Cornell, Jonathan Schanzer, Tom Joscelyn, and John Hannah

Turkey has been rocked by a sweeping corruption scandal. Prime Minister Erdogan has responded by reassigning policemen and prosecutors, and clamping down on press freedom. While these actions have prompted only muted criticisms from the West, some of the cases raise troubling questions about terrorist activity in Turkey – including financial ties to Iran, Hamas, and even al-Qaeda figures. FDD has produced research recently on these issues. But many questions remain.