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3rd May 2018 – Defense One

Terrorists Are Going to Use Artificial Intelligence

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

There is a general tendency among counterterrorism analysts to understate rather than hyperbolize terrorists’ technological adaptations. In 2011 and 2012, most believed that the “Arab Spring” revolutions would marginalize jihadist movements. more...

23rd June 2016 – The Wall Street Journal - Co-written by Chip Register

Defeating ISIS on the Digital Battlefield

Clearly, the U.S. and its allies can and should meet Islamic State on the battlefield, whether in Syria or Iraq. But the war with the ISIS “virtual state”—those the terrorist organization inspires over the internet, like Omar Mateen in Orlando—will be much harder to fight and will go on long after ISIS ground forces are driven into mountains and caves. more...

18th May 2016 – The Wall Street Journal

Left at the Mercy of the Mullahs

Reuel Marc Gerecht

Since the Central Intelligence Agency contractor Robert Levinson disappeared after a trip to the Iranian island of Kish in 2007, journalists, government officials and the curious have asked me: Of the various stories told about Mr. Levinson’s disappearance, which one makes the most sense? more...

10th May 2016 – The Washington Times

Obama’s ‘boy wonder’

Clifford D. May

Among the most serious charges that President Obama and his supporters have leveled against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney: They “cherry-picked intelligence.” more...

20th April 2016 – The Washington Times

A spy’s story

Clifford D. May

After a long and extraordinary career, Gen. Michael Hayden has written “Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror.” Both a memoir and a primer on modern espionage, it also attempts to correct the historical record and maybe settle a few scores. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask me. more...

4th September 2015 – The Weekly Standard

More Than 100 Ex-Gitmo Recidivists At Large

Thomas Joscelyn

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has released its latest statistics on the number of former Guantanamo detainees who are either confirmed or suspected of returning to the fight. As expected, there has been a slight increase in the number of ex-detainees who have rejoined the jihad. more...

18th August 2015 – The Washington Times - Co-authored with Peter Pry

A Shariah-Approved Nuclear Attack

Congress must stop President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. The most important reason — Iran can threaten the existence of the United States by making an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack using a single nuclear weapon. more...

23rd July 2015 – Family Security Matters - Co-Written by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Heading Toward An EMP Catastrophe

For over a decade now, since the Congressional EMP Commission delivered its first report to Congress eleven years ago in July of 2004, various Senate and House committees have heard from numerous scientific and strategic experts the consensus view that natural and manmade electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is an existential threat to the survival of the American people, that EMP is a clear and present danger, and that something must be done to protect the electric grid and other life sustaining critical infrastructures--immediately. more...

17th June 2015 – The Washington Times

The Road to ‘Entropy on a Scale Not Seen in Centuries’

Clifford D. May

Lt. Gen Michael T. Flynn (ret.) served 33 years in the U.S. Army. Being named President Obama’s director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012 was the culmination of his career. He thought his job was to relate facts, not fables. It soon became clear that his superiors didn’t agree. more...

1st June 2015 – The Weekly Standard

Slow Release

Thomas Joscelyn

After four years of fierce internecine battles and inexplicable delays, the intelligence community last week started the process of releasing more documents captured in the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) posted on its website several dozen documents of uneven importance, bringing the total number of bin Laden documents available to the public to slightly more than 100. more...

21st January 2015 – The Long War Journal

Analysis: Freed Former al Qaeda Operative Was Part of Intelligence Dispute

Thomas Joscelyn

The story of how Ali Saleh Kahlah al Marri was first identified and arrested became a key part of the dispute between Democrats on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the CIA. Al Marri, who was recently released from a US prison, admitted that he was an al Qaeda sleeper agent. more...

12th January 2015 – The Long War Journal

CENTCOM Sites Hacked with Pro-Islamic State Propaganda

Thomas Joscelyn

Hacker(s) purportedly serving the Islamic State hacked CENTCOM's official Twitter feed and YouTube page on Monday. more...

12th January 2015 – The Washington Examiner

CIA Bides its Time

Reuel Marc Gerecht

The CIA’s Directorate of Operations doesn’t have an acute memory. But it does have durable institutional sentiments. more...

17th December 2014 – The Washington Times

America Needs Its Rough Men

Clifford D. May

In spring 2009, I was invited to debate “torture” with Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show.” He gave me an opportunity to make a case with which he vehemently disagreed. more...

11th March 2014 – The Long War Journal

US Drones Kill 4 AQAP Commanders and Fighters in Central Yemen

Bill Roggio

Late last night a US drone strike killed four al Qaeda commanders and fighters in Marib province east of Sana'a, the Yemeni capital. The strike is the third in Yemen... more...

3rd March 2014 – The Long War Journal

US Kills 3 AQAP Operatives in Yemen Drone Strike

Bill Roggio

The US killed three al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters in a drone strike in Yemen today. The strike is the first recorded in Yemen in more than five weeks. more...

15th January 2014 – The Long War Journal

US Drone Strike Accidentally Kills Civilian in Eastern Yemen

Bill Roggio

The US accidentally killed a civilian in the second drone strike that targeted al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramout... more...

15th January 2014 – The Long War Journal

Senate Report: Terrorists ‘Affiliated’ with Multiple al Qaeda Groups Involved in Benghazi Attack

Thomas Joscelyn

The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has released its review of the intelligence concerning the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. more...

9th January 2014 – National Review Online

The Sorrows of Young Snowden

Clifford D. May

If the attacks of 9/11 taught us anything, it’s that we must connect the dots. But before we can connect the dots, we must collect the dots. Those railing against... more...

8th January 2014 – The Long War Journal

US Drones Kill 2 AQAP Fighters in Eastern Yemen

Bill Roggio

Two al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters were killed today in the first recorded US drone strike in Yemen or Pakistan this year. The remotely piloted Predators... more...


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12th February 2014 - 5:45 PM

Jim Woolsey Debates Granting Clemency to Edward Snowden

Has Edward Snowden done the U.S. a great service? There is no doubt that his release of highly classified stolen documents has sparked an important public debate, even forcing what could be a major presidential overhaul of the NSA’s surveillance programs. But have his actions—which include the downloading of an estimated 1.7 million files—tipped off our enemies and endangered national security? Is Snowden a whistleblower, or is he a criminal?

15th October 2012 - 10:15 PM

Is Al-Qaeda Dead? An Experts Debate

In Collaboration with the New America Foundation

While some counterterrorism analysts and officials say that U.S. military efforts over the past 11 years have resulted in the defeat of al-Qaeda, others argue that the terrorist organization is more durable than that. The successes won by the CIA drone program in Pakistan’s tribal regions and the symbolic killing of Osama bin Laden might be tempered by the growing strength of al-Qaeda's affiliates in countries such as Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. On the other hand, many point out that al-Qaeda has failed to carry out a large-scale terrorist attack in the United States since 9/11.