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13th January 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

British Parliament to Debate Full Ban of Hezbollah as Terrorist Entity

Benjamin Weinthal

The British House of Commons is slated to debate on January 25 a ban of the entirety of Hezbollah because of the Lebanese group’s terrorist activities. more...

11th January 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Germany Permits Iranian Regime Mass Murderer to Flee the Country

Benjamin Weinthal

Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi – considered a successor to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei – fled Germany on Thursday for Iran amid criminal complaints filed against him for crimes against humanity, after the cleric received medical treatment for a brain tumor. more...

10th January 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

Vienna police charge 3 men for waving Israeli flag at rally

The police are seeking a 100 euro fine or two days in jail for the waving of the flag at the December 8 rally near the US embassy in the capital. more...

8th January 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German Politician Files Criminal Complaint Against Iranian Ayatollah for Mass Murder

Benjamin Weinthal

Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, considered to be a successor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, faces protests and possible criminal prosecutions in Germany for his widespread executions of Iranians, which took place while he was the country’s justice minister. more...

7th January 2018 – Fox News

Germany urged to abandon its support of Iran’s mullah regime

Benjamin Weinthal

While tens of thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in protest, the German government is taking heat for what some are calling its pro-regime policy in Iran, and its decision to allow sanctuary and medical treatment for an alleged mass murderer from the Islamic Republic. more...

6th January 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

BDS Fails to Stop Israeli Artist from Performing Egyptian Songs in Berlin

Benjamin Weinthal

A Lebanese-based organization that promotes a boycott of the Jewish state failed to stop performances on Saturday and Sunday in Berlin of the Israeli artist Ariel Efraim Ashbel who is celebrating the songs of the late Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum. more...

30th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Marxist-Leninist Party Sues German Banks Over BDS Account Closures

Benjamin Weinthal

The Marxist-Leninist party, according to German media reports, formed a joint campaign list with The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). more...

29th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Italy Bars PFLP Terrorist And BDS Advocate Leila Khaled

Benjamin Weinthal

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled was barred from entering Italy on Wednesday on the grounds that she lacked a valid visa. more...

25th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Judge Compares Israel To State Sponsors of Terror Iran, North Korea

Benjamin Weinthal

The same judge ruled last week that it was legal and just for Kuwait Airways to bar an Israeli passenger from flying on their planes. more...

17th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Germany sanctions Iran’s Bank Sepah

Benjamin Weinthal

Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has announced that it has imposed a credit ban on Iran’s Bank Sepah for violating the country’s credit law. more...

17th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Banks Close Accounts For Marxist-Leninist Party With Ties To Palestinian Terrorists

Benjamin Weinthal

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany announced on Thursday that the Deutsche Bank and the Postbank shut down all of the party's bank accounts in Germany. more...

15th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Politicians Under Fire For Rolling Out Red Carpet For Iranian Business

Benjamin Weinthal

A German forum to promote business and banking in the Islamic Republic of Iran, featuring politicians and government bodies, slated to begin on Wednesday, faced sharp criticism from human rights experts and an NGO seeking to stop Iranian terrorism and its illicit nuclear activity. more...

11th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Berlin Mayor Slams BDS Rally On Kristallnacht Remembrance Day

Benjamin Weinthal

Berlin Mayor Michael Müller issued a scathing condemnation of the anti-Israel boycott campaign because of its protest against the Jewish state on Friday, the memorial day for the Kristallnacht pogroms against Jews across Nazi Germany in 1938. more...

10th November 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Germany Charges Palestinian With Murder of Christians Over Temple Mount Tensions

Benjamin Weinthal

The man carried out a lethal stabbing attack at a supermarket in Germany after Israel placed metal detectors at the entrance to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, blaming the country for inaction. more...

18th October 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Officials: Iran Working To Build Nuclear-Armed Missiles

Benjamin Weinthal

German security officials have accused the Iranian regime of pursuing its goal to build missiles armed with nuclear warheads, the Berlin daily Der Tagesspiegel reported. more...

14th October 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Austrian Students Reject ‘Antisemitic’ Boycott Israel Campaign

Benjamin Weinthal

The union is believed to be the first national group to have passed an anti-BDS resolution. more...

12th October 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Report: Hezbollah Militants Entered Germany Among Refugees

Benjamin Weinthal

Membership for Hezbollah and Hamas in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has increased since the influx of refugees to the country. more...

11th October 2017 – The Washington Times

We’ll always have Paris

Clifford D. May

Europeans seem to have an increasingly bizarre and perhaps self-destructive view of the world, and their place in it. more...

9th October 2017 – Fox News

Iran attempted to buy nuclear technology illegally 32 times, German agency says

Benjamin Weinthal

Iran tried to obtain illicit technology that could be used for military nuclear and ballistic missile programs, raising questions about a possible violation of the 2015 agreement intended to stop Tehran’s drive to become an atomic armed power, according to three German intelligence reports obtained by Fox News. more...

8th October 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Bavaria’s Green Party: BDS Same As Nazi ‘Don’t Buy From Jews’ Slogan

Benjamin Weinthal

"The BDS [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] campaign is, in its totality, antisemitic, hostile to Israel, reactionary and anti-enlightenment," stated the text of a recent party resolution. more...


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