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13th December 2012 – The Long War Journal

Al Qaeda’s Emir Calls on Egyptian Salafi Leader to Continue Revolution

Thomas Joscelyn

A video posted on Egyptian websites this week shows Ayman al Zawahiri calling on the hardline Salafi leader Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to relaunch the Egyptian revolution. While Zawahiri's call has... more...

13th December 2012 – Scripps Howard News Service

Dictators and Dissidents

Clifford D. May

The think tank I head up organizes an annual policy conference that has to be planned many months in advance, so we always worry that the theme we choose will be embarrassingly outdated by the time... more...

10th December 2012 – The Weekly Standard

The Quality of Morsi

Egypt’s political crisis seems to be testing the conviction, long held in certain Western circles, that actually having to govern a modern nation-state will moderate Islamists. more...

7th December 2012 – National Post

Jeane Kirkpatrick Goes to Tahrir Square — Two starkly Different Visions of the Arab Spring

Thirty-three years ago, Commentary magazine published an article by Jeane J. Kirkpatrick that stands as one of the most influential essays in the history of American foreign policy. more...

6th December 2012 – Scripps Howard News Service

Islamology 101

Clifford D. May

Google “Islamist” and you’ll get more than 24 million hits. Google “jihadist” and you’ll get millions more. Yet I bet the average American could not tell you what it is that Islamists and jihadists believe. more...

25th November 2012 – The Jerusalem Post

France Slated to Open First Gay Mosque

Benjamin Weinthal

Muhammad Ludovic Lütfi Zahed, a gay French-Algerian man, is slated to open the first gay mosque at the end of November. The Turkish daily newspaper Hurriyet first reported... more...

19th November 2012 – Jihadology

Perceptions of the “Arab Spring” Within the Salafi-Jihadi Movement

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

“The popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Bahrain have not only shaken the foundation of the authoritarian order in the Middle East, but they have also hammered a deadly nail in... more...

13th November 2012 – Moment Magazine

The Mirage of the Arab Spring

Clifford D. May

We Americans are nice people. We don’t like to see anyone living under tyranny. So when protests broke out against the authoritarian regimes in Tunisia and Egypt, most of us were supportive of the men more...

13th November 2012 – The National Interest

The Great Salafi Gamble

In serving their patrons in Saudi Arabia, ultraconservative religious Salafis are stirring violent protests and flexing political muscle in North Africa and fledgling Arab democracies. But the instability they... more...

13th November 2012 – The Long War Journal

Zawahiri Calls on Muslims to Implement Sharia

Thomas Joscelyn

Al Qaeda has released a statement written by Ayman al Zawahiri this past summer in which the terror chieftain outlines several goals for Muslims to strive toward. While failing to mention the toll al Qaeda's... more...

2nd November 2012 – Pragati

A Blind Spot

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

One area of study that has significantly grown over the past decade is that of radicalisation. How do individuals come to believe that violence is a proper response to current political problems or unjust... more...

30th October 2012 – National Review Online

Islamists Kill Scores at Nigerian Roman Catholic Church

Benjamin Weinthal

A suicide bomber driving an SUV full of explosives crashed into a Catholic church in a Christian minority enclave of Nigeria during Mass yesterday, killing ten congregants and wounding at least 145. more...

12th October 2012 – Tablet

Sinister Trend in Publishing

Saudi Arabia, a country in which book clubs are required to register for government licenses, is not known for its literary culture. Associating the Land of the Two Holy Mosques—ranked as the eighth “Most Censored... more...

10th October 2012 – The National Interest

The Kingdom Boils

Nearly a month after a crude film caricature of the Prophet Muhammad made headlines, protests in response to it continue across the Muslim world. Yet in the ultraconservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, home to the... more...

1st October 2012 – Standpoint

Confronting Islamic Intimidation

Emanuele Ottolenghi

In 1988, The Last Temptation of Christ, the movie by Martin Scorsese, based on a novel by the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis, caused a storm of protests. Many Christian groups found it... more...

25th September 2012 – The Australian

Is the Press More Interested in Royal Breasts Than Defending Freedom?

Emanuele Ottolenghi

It came as no surprise that members of the State Department's Camel Corps felt it necessary to condemn the movie The Innocence of Muslims even as a mob of film critics lay siege to a US embassy. more...

24th September 2012 – The Weekly Standard

Living with Islam

Reuel Marc Gerecht

For close to 1,300 years, Muslims cared little what infidels thought of them. The curious caliph, sultan, vizier, or cleric might engage the arguments of Christians questioning the one true... more...

24th September 2012 – The Weekly Standard

The Video Didn’t Do It

It was bad enough, two years ago, that Defense Secretary Robert Gates called fringe Florida pastor Terry Jones to ask him not to burn copies of the Koran, or last week, that chairman of... more...

20th September 2012 – Tablet

How Orientalism Shaped Obama

In the early morning hours of Sept. 11, the U.S. embassy in Cairo issued a press release condemning the “continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of... more...

20th September 2012 – Scripps Howard News Service

Misunderstanding 9/11

Clifford D. May

‘We have seen that the desire for liberty and freedom is, indeed, universal, as men and women in the Middle East rise up to seize it.” I admire Condoleezza Rice and thought... more...


Jonathan Schanzer

Vice President for Research

Clifford D. May

Founder and President


29th July 2013 - 12:00 PM

Egyptian Revolution 2.0

A Conversation with Bahaa El-Taweal, Khairi Abaza, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Samuel Tadros, and Jonathan Schanzer

In light of the rapidly changing situation on the ground in Egypt, the U.S. must now determine how best to support Egypt's transition, protect U.S. interests, and advance democracy in the region. Are we supporting a military dictatorship over a popularly elected Islamist government? What does the future hold for the non-Islamist Tamarod movement? Will the Muslim Brotherhood rebound from this defeat? What does this crisis portend for the Muslim Brotherhood bloc, including Qatar and Turkey?

26th October 2012 - 3:00 AM

Khairi Abaza Speaks on Egypt’s New Government

Where is the Egyptian 'Third Republic' Heading

Al-Hewar Center, Vienna, VA