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1st November 2017 – The Washington Times

The 100-year-old promise

Clifford D. May

On Nov. 2 it will be exactly one hundred years since the Balfour Declaration, the British Empire’s statement in support of the establishment of “a national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, then a backwater of the soon-to-be-defeated Ottoman Empire. more...

10th October 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

BDS Morocco Attacks World-Renowned Israeli Singer in Tangier

Benjamin Weinthal

Vazana is active in humanitarian causes, including aid to Syrian refugees and organizing musical projects between Israeli and Palestinian musicians.“Music should connect people,” she said. more...

26th September 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Colorado Sanctions Danish Bank for BDS Activity Against Israel Companies

Benjamin Weinthal

“Israel and Colorado have always been strong partners," said Rep. Dan Nordberg. more...

19th September 2017 – FDD Policy Brief

Israel Completes Largest Exercise in 20 Years, Setting Sights on Hezbollah

Alexandra N. Gutowski

Last Thursday, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) concluded its largest military exercise in nearly two decades. Operation Light of the Grain (“Or Hadagan”) simulated a Hezbollah offensive against Israel’s northern border. more...

7th September 2017 – FDD's Long War Journal

Israeli airstrikes target suspected chemical weapons facility in Syria

Thomas Joscelyn

Israel struck a suspected chemical weapons facility near Masyaf, Syria earlier today. The facility may have been run by the Syrian regime's Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC), which has been sanctioned by the US government for its role in producing chemical weapons and the means to deploy them. more...

30th August 2017 – Fox News

UN embrace of anti-Israel BDS movement endangers the very peace it claims to support

Benjamin Weinthal

While the United States and many European countries continue to oppose the anti-Israel boycott movement because it imposes a double-standard and harms peace efforts, the United Nations is set to engage in full-throated BDS by the end of this year. more...

30th August 2017 – The National Interest

Follow the Money: The Israel-Boycott Movement and Its Accomplices

Benjamin Weinthal

BDS benefits from terrorism finance while seeking to isolate the Jewish state from the international community. more...

25th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Frankfurt Becomes First German City To Ban ‘Antisemitic’ BDS Movement

Benjamin Weinthal

Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt Uwe Becker told the Jerusalem Post his city enjoys a 37-year strong partnership with Israel and those who attack the Jewish state also attack the people of Frankfurt. more...

19th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German University Files Criminal Complaint Against BDS Activist

Benjamin Weinthal

Anti-Israel protestors interrupted speeches by MK Lavie and a Holocaust survivor. more...

10th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Deputy Mayor of Frankfurt Seeks To Ban ‘Deeply Antisemitic’ BDS

Benjamin Weinthal

The boycott movement targeting Israel is “deeply antisemitic and should have no place in Frankfurt,” the deputy mayor of Frankfurt said. more...

10th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Green Party Probes Iran’s Activity Against Israel And Dissidents

Benjamin Weinthal

The expansion of Iranian regime institutions in Germany has prompted the opening of an inquiry by the Green Party in the Bundestag on Friday to assess Tehran’s anti-Israel and espionage activities. more...

7th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Germany City Bans ‘Israel Is Illegal’ Vote

Benjamin Weinthal

Pro-Iranian regime group mounts protests against Israel. more...

6th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Specialized Unit For Political Extremism Investigates BDS Activists

Benjamin Weinthal

The criminal allegations were leveled against Ronnie Barkan, Majed Abusalama and Stavit Sinai, who face charges of trespassing for their activity at the Humboldt University event with Lavie. more...

5th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

German Court Dismisses Soldier For Denying Israel’s Existence

Benjamin Weinthal

The soldier of Afghan origin voiced his support for Hamas and Fatah. more...

4th August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Major German university students say BDS continues Nazi boycott

Benjamin Weinthal

The resolution's purpose was to send a strong signal to growing anti-Zionist and antisemitic tendencies in Frankfurt. more...

3rd August 2017 – FDD Policy Brief

Russian Troops Deploy Near Syria-Israel Border

Alexandra N. Gutowski

In late July, Russia deployed four military police battalions to monitor a pair of safe zones in Syria, including a southwestern zone negotiated with the United States. The 5,500-km2 zone, roughly the size of Delaware, shares lengthy borders with both the Golan Heights and Jordan. more...

1st August 2017 – The Wall Street Journal

Averting a Third Lebanon War

Mark Dubowitz

Hezbollah’s missile buildup, facilitated by Lebanon and Iran, is forcing Israel’s hand. more...

1st August 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

First German City Set To Pass Anti-BDS Bill

Benjamin Weinthal

Munich lawmakers declare boycott movement antisemitic. more...

26th July 2017 – The Jewish Journal

The Mahmoud Abbas exchange, part 2: On peace agreements with Arab autocrats

Grant Rumley

The following exchange will focus on Tibon and Rumley’s new book The Last Palestinian: The Rise and Reign of Mahmoud Abbas (Prometheus Books, 2017). more...

25th July 2017 – The Jerusalem Post

Hamas Member Convicted In Austria For Planned Attacks In Jerusalem

Benjamin Weinthal

The convicted man used phone messages to encourage Palestinians to toss grenades at gatherings of people in Jerusalem. more...


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18th May 2016 - 11:00 AM

A Conversation with Yair Lapid

A conversation with Yair Lapid. 

14th November 2014 - 11:00 AM

After the Gaza Conflict: Hamas’ Goals, Military Capabilities, and Financial Networks

Please join us for a panel discussion and conversation with Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA), Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS), Dr. Matthew Levitt, Dan Moger, Dr. Jonathan Schanzer, Dr. Samuel Tadros, and Jeffrey White.

Rosie Gray, reporter for BuzzFeed, will serve as moderator 

Two months after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, what is known of Hamas’ military capabilities, tactics, and regional alliances? Where will the group’s monetary and military resources come from next? Will Hamas benefit from taking part in a revived unity government with the Palestinian Authority? What, if anything, can Washington do to prevent a resurgence of Hamas in the Middle East?