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23rd August 2018 – The Cipher Brief

Slow and Unsteady Progress with North Korea Helps Kim Jong Un

David Maxwell

Progress in nuclear dismantlement following the April Panmunjom Declaration and the June Singapore Summit is frustratingly slow for the Trump administration, though appropriately deliberate for the North Korean regime. The unconventional and experimental top-down diplomacy being practiced by President Trump and Chairman Kim continues apace, as seen in their recent communications via letters and tweet. But the two leaders are likely to fail if they don’t soon rely more on their professional diplomatic and security teams. more...

20th August 2018 – The Hill

Iran-North Korea meeting — A message for the US?

Behnam Ben Taleblu, David Maxwell

As U.S. sanctions on Iran entered into force on August 7, Tehran was busy playing host to the foreign minister of the ultimate rogue nuclear regime, North Korea. Between August 7 and 8, North Korean foreign minister Ri Yong-ho held high-level talks with Iran’s foreign minister and President. more...

16th August 2018 – FDD'S CSIF Policy Brief

U.S. Treasury Turns Up the Pressure on Foreign Facilitators of North Korea’s Illicit Shipping Sector

Mathew Ha

The U.S. sanctioned three non-North Korean entities and one individual “for facilitating illicit shipments on behalf of North Korea.” These latest sanctions come shortly after another Treasury action earlier this month that targeted Russian facilitators, showing Washington’s willingness to enforce UN and U.S. sanctions amidst ongoing nuclear diplomacy with Pyongyang. more...

14th August 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

North Korea Seeks Formal Peace Treaty to Push Out U.S. Forces

David Maxwell

The governments of North and South Korea announced on Monday that their leaders will meet again in September, this time in Pyongyang. more...

3rd August 2018 – FDD's CSIF Policy Brief

Treasury Designates Violators of North Korea Sanctions

Mathew Ha

The Treasury Department today sanctioned three entities and one individual for failing to comply with UN and U.S. sanctions on North Korea. more...

27th July 2018 – Real Clear Defense

Don’t Fall for Kim Jong-un’s Pleas for Peace

Mathew Ha

This week, North Korean propaganda outlets ramped up demands to the South Korean government to swiftly end the Korean War to uphold Seoul’s Panmunjom Declaration obligations. more...

15th July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German intel report: Iran seeks to shatter states’ stability with WMD

Benjamin Weinthal

The German intelligence agency of the state of Hesse published a new document on countering the spread of weapons of mass destruction, singling out the Islamic Republic of Iran as one of two states seeking to obtain the ultimate form of powerful weapons. more...

8th July 2018 – Fox News

US negotiators with North Korea must heed the lessons of Obama’s failed deal with Iran

Jonathan Schanzer

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo concluded two days of denuclearization talks in North Korea Saturday with Vice Chairman Kim Yong Chol amid questions about whether the North is serious about abandoning its nuclear weapons or is simply seeking relief from crippling international economic sanctions and other concessions from the U.S. more...

2nd July 2018 – The Jerusalem Post

German intel: Iran wants to expand weapons into nuclear arsenal

Benjamin Weinthal

A German intelligence report from the state of Bavaria concluded the Islamic Republic of Iran is working to turn its conventional military weapons into a system for weapons of mass destruction. more...

21st June 2018 – Foreign Policy

Singapore Was John Bolton’s Worst Nightmare

John Hannah

If someone had deliberately designed an international event with the sole objective of giving John Bolton, America’s hawkish White House national security advisor, maximum heartburn, they couldn’t have done much better than the June 12 summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. more...

19th June 2018 – The Washington Times

Trump’s bunker buster video blockbuster

Clifford D. May

Decade after decade, one U.S. president after another, Democrat and Republican alike, knew that the tyrants who rule North Korea were slowly but surely developing the means to incinerate American cities. Those presidents did nothing, or at least nothing effective. more...

15th June 2018 – The Hill

Trump must still hold North Korea accountable for cyberattacks

Mathew Ha

Following the U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore earlier this week, Kim Jong Un has temporarily halted ballistic missile and nuclear weapons testing in exchange for President Trump pausing its maximum pressure campaign. Meanwhile, Pyongyang’s cyberattacks against South Korea have intensified. In their latest op-ed for The Hill, FDD research associates Trevor Logan and Mathew Ha point out how this is just one example that exposes Kim’s “two-faced diplomacy.” more...

13th June 2018 – FDD Policy Brief

At Summit, North Korea Offers Vague Denuclearization Pledge

David Adesnik, Mathew Ha

In a joint statement with President Trump following their historic summit in Singapore, Kim Jong Un pledged “his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” The statement does not include a timeline for denuclearization, nor does it require North Korea to take any specific steps toward that goal, although the president assured journalists that U.S. and international observers will verify Kim’s compliance. more...

11th June 2018 – The National Interest

North Korea Is Testing Trump as Summit Approaches

Following North Korea these days gives even the most seasoned observer whiplash as both sides seemingly shift from one extreme to another sometimes in twenty-four hours. Yet one thing is certain. more...

6th June 2018 – The Washington Times

Pushing North Korea and Iran to the brink

Clifford D. May

It’s a simple question to ask: Do we have a vital national interest in preventing our self-declared enemies from acquiring deliverable nuclear weapons? more...

4th June 2018 – FDD Research Memo

Maximum Pressure 2.0: How to Improve Sanctions on North Korea

President Donald Trump cancelled his June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un after North Korea displayed “tremendous anger and open hostility,” as Trump put it in his letter to Kim. The president’s cancellation was not definitive, as preparations continued with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo meeting a senior North Korean official in New York last week. more...

25th May 2018 – CNBC

Trump should ‘keep cranking up the pressure’ on North Korea if he really wants Kim to give up nukes

David Adesnik

Visions of a Nobel Peace Prize can be very seductive. Even Jimmy Carter admitted that Donald Trump would deserve the prize if he brought peace to the Korean Peninsula. more...

24th May 2018 – Fortune Magazine

Trump Cancelled the North Korea Summit. Here’s What He Should Do Next.

President Trump cancelled the June 12 summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un after saying Pyongyang’s latest statement demonstrated “tremendous anger and open hostility.” The sides were far apart on the sequencing of denuclearization, with lingering questions of whether Kim was using his father and grandfather’s playbook to delay real concessions. more...

17th May 2018 – The National Interest

In Korea, the Same Old Tricks from a Brand New Kim

David Adesnik

North Korea long ago mastered the art of playing hard to get with American diplomats eager—or even desperate—to make a deal. Pyongyang’s sudden threatto cancel the June 12 summit in Singapore shows that Kim Jong-un has learned how to play the same games as his father and grandfather. more...

16th May 2018 – The Washington Times

Trump’s art of the nuclear deals

Clifford D. May

Donald Trump inherited two deadly serious national security crises, one in the Middle East, one in the Far East. Look closely and you’ll see that these crises are inseverable. more...