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9th August 2012 – Scripps Howard News Service

Jeane Kirkpatrick’s War

Clifford D. May

Jeane Kirkpatrick spent her life studying — and fighting — totalitarianism. Reading Peter Collier’s illuminating new biography, Political Woman: The Big Little Life of Jeane Kirkpatrick... more...

31st July 2012 – The Rosett Report

Syria, Vogue, and the Apologia of Joan Juliet Buck

Claudia Rosett

It’s now 17 months since Vogue published its cover-story paean to the first lady of Syria, “Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert.” Readers were treated to a profile of Asma up close, “the freshest and most magnetic of first ladies,”... more...

12th July 2012 – The Wall Street Journal

How Iran Steams Past International Sanctions

Claudia Rosett

Too often, one man's sanctions become another man's windfall. So it is with Iran sanctions and the minuscule Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, to which Iran's main oil tanker company, NITC, has just reflagged roughly half its fleet. more...

28th June 2012 – The Rosett Report

Saving Syria from Kofi Annan

Claudia Rosett

Some headlines seem designed to invite a one-word rejoinder, and so it is with a recent article on Slate: “How Kofi Annan Can Save Syria.” Obvious answer: Resign. more...

22nd June 2012 – The Rosett Report

Ahmadinejad in Rio

Claudia Rosett

It is by now a scene so familiar it’s become routine. At your expense, dear taxpayers of the planet — and especially at the expense of all you colonialist, imperialist, capitalist taxpayers of the United States — the United Nations holds a huge gathering. more...

10th June 2012 – The Rosett Report

Iran, Voice of the UN’s ‘Committee on Information’

Claudia Rosett

It’s quite perverse enough that the United Nations would have a so-called Committee on Information whose members include such censorship-loving regimes as those of Belarus, China, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Syria. more...

27th May 2012 – The Rosett Report

Yep: Robert Mugabe, UN Leader for Tourism

Claudia Rosett

Surely even the United Nations would hesitate over celebrating Zimbabwe’s longtime despot, Robert Mugabe, as a “leader” of any kind? That’s why, in my previous post, I hesitated to assume the accuracy of a dispatch in the Zimbabwe Herald... more...

13th May 2012 – The Rosett Report

The UN and the Terrorism Trade

Claudia Rosett

Compensation of victims of terrorism sounds like a good idea. But is this something the United Nations should be involved with? more...

9th April 2012 – The Weekly Standard

UNESCO Funny Business

Claudia Rosett

Surely Comedy Central’s The Daily Show meant well when it sent comedian John Oliver all the way to Africa to file a report savaging the United States for defunding the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. more...

9th April 2012 – The New Republic

It’s Time to Add Syria to Kofi Annan’s Long List of Failures

Claudia Rosett, Jonathan Schanzer

It should have raised red flags when both Syria and Russia approved of Kofi Annan’s February 23 appointment as the United Nations-Arab League Joint Special Envoy (JSE) to Syria. more...

14th March 2012 – National Review Online

UNESCO Goes to Washington

Claudia Rosett

When the member states of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization voted last October to confer membership on the Palestinian Authority, they knew their decision would trigger the withdrawal of U.S. funding... more...

8th March 2012 – National Review Online

Obama Administration to Congress: You’re Irrelevant

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave testimony in the Senate yesterday that was just breathtaking: asserting that the Obama administration believes it can go to war against Syria by obtaining permission from an international tribunal more...

6th March 2012 – The Washington Post

It’s Not About Gay Rights — It’s About Human Rights

For many, “gay rights” is associated with the debate over whether gay people should be allowed to marry, adopt children or serve openly in the military. But a discussion looming before the United Nations this week is far more basic: whether gays should enjoy the basic right to life. more...

6th March 2012 – Forbes

Russia’s Chariot Calls at Iran

Claudia Rosett

It’s time for the next installment in the adventures of the Chariot, a Russian-operated freighter that made headlines in January for delivering tons of Russian munitions to Syria. more...

27th February 2012 – Forbes

Iran Sanctions: A Tale of Two Fleets

Claudia Rosett

As financial sanctions tighten on Iran, a shift has appeared in the shipping patterns of Iran’s main cargo fleet, the state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, or IRISL. more...

22nd February 2012 – The Rosett Report

Venezuela and Pakistan, Shoo-Ins For the UN Human Rights Council?

Claudia Rosett

You won’t find this information posted yet on the United Nations web site, because when the UN General Assembly “elects” countries to the 47 member seats on the UN Human Rights Council, the Assembly doesn’t inconvenience itself with such norms as transparency more...

21st February 2012 – The Rosett Report

The Mystery of Iran’s Wandering War Ships

Claudia Rosett

Did they dock in Syria, or didn’t they? Last week, two Iranian war ships, a destroyer and a supply ship, passed through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean. According to Iran’s government, they docked in the Syrian port of Tartus. more...

3rd February 2012 – The Rosett Report

Panetta’s Biggest Worry

Claudia Rosett

So, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta just told told the Washington Post’s David Ignatius that his biggest worry right now is that Israel will attack Iran in the next few months. more...

31st January 2012 – Forbes

Before We Thank Iran’s Tanker Fleet…

Claudia Rosett

With sanctions currently the U.S. tool of choice for thwarting Iran’s terror networks and nuclear ambitions, the good news is that U.S. lawmakers are crafting new measures to cast a wider net. more...

15th January 2012 – The Rosett Report

The Problem with Iran Is Not Lack of Communication

Claudia Rosett

“Groundhog day, over and over again,” is how Ambassador John Bolton has described U.S. efforts to talk with Iran, saying all such talks achieve is to buy time for Iran to work on its nuclear weapons program. That was in 2009, and right he was. more...


Claudia Rosett



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