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17th April 2018 – Foreign Podicy

Podcast: In the Shadow of the Pyramids: Egypt’s Past Glories and Future Perils

Clifford D. May

Foreign Podicy host Cliff May discusses these and other issues with Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Samuel Tadros, an expert on Egypt’s history, politics and religions. more...

24th November 2017 – CNN

CNN Newsroom

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's Jonathan Schanzer discusses the recent terror attack in the Sinai on CNN Newsroom. more...

27th May 2017 – WMAL AM 630

The Larry O’Connor Show

Clifford D. May

FDD Founder and President Clifford D. May discusses the bus attack on Christians in Egypt. more...

15th April 2017 – Fox News

America’s News HQ

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD senior fellow Jonathan Schanzer discusses the terror attacks in Egypt and its impact on Christians in the region. more...

10th April 2017 – WMAL 105.9 FM

Mornings on the Mall

Clifford D. May

FDD President and Founder Clifford May comments on the Palm Sunday attacks in Egypt. more...

10th April 2017 – WINA 98.9 FM

The Schilling Show

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD senior vice president Jonathan Schanzer discusses the horrific events that took place this past weekend and why Egypt was targeted. more...

6th April 2017 – CNN

CNN International

FDD Deputy Director for Research Oren Kessler discusses the implications of Sisi's recent visit with Trump. more...

31st March 2017 – Democast

Democast TV

FDD Deputy Director for Research Oren Kessler discusses ISIS insurgency in Sinai, a problem for Egypt and Israel. more...

16th February 2017 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD's VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer discusses Israel seeking sovereignty for the Golan Heights, and the Muslim Brotherhood. more...

9th February 2017 – WINA 98.9FM

The Schilling Show

Jonathan Schanzer

FDD VP for Research Jonathan Schanzer comments on "terror" labels for the IRGC and Muslim Brotherhood. more...

26th January 2017 – WHUTTV

The Mimi Geerges Show

FDD Deputy Director for Research Oren Kessler discusses the Egypt's recent church bombing, daily indignities suffered by the Copts, and what the current regime is doing (or not doing) to address it. more...

17th November 2016 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

FDD's deputy director for research Oren Kessler discusses US policies towards Egypt going into the next administration. more...

19th May 2016 – WPRO News Talk 630

The Dan Yorke Show

Oren Kessler from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, joins the Dan Yorke Show to discuss the EgyptAir jet incident. more...

19th May 2016 – Syndicated

The John Batchelor Show

Emanuele Ottolenghi

FDD senior fellow Emanuele Ottolenghi joins the show to discuss European business and Iran. Afterwards, FDD Deputy Director for Research Oren Kessler comments on EgyptAir and terrorism in Egypt. more...

10th January 2016 – CTV

CTV News

David Andrew Weinberg

FDD senior fellow David Andrew Weinberg comments on the Arab League emergency session in Egypt where foreign ministers condemned recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Iran. more...

18th November 2015 – AM 560

Chicago’s Morning Answer

Boris Zilberman

FDD deputy director of Congressional Relations Boris Zilberman comments on the device used to bring down a Russian jet in Egypt. more...

17th November 2015 – CNN

Early Start

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross

FDD senior fellow Daveed Gartenstein-Ross discusses the Paris attacks and the downed Russian plane. more...

11th November 2015 – FOX Business

Lou Dobbs Tonight

John Hannah

FDD senior counselor John Hannah discusses the apparent attack on Russian airliner and Iran's nuclear program. more...

7th November 2015 – MSNBC

Weekends with Alex Witt

FDD Chairman R. James Woolsey joins Alex Witt to discuss his take on the latest details on the investigation into the Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai desert, killing 224 people who were aboard the plane. more...

6th November 2015 – FOX News

America’s Newsroom

FDD Chairman R. James Woolsey says airport baggage handling is vulnerable to security lapses. more...


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23rd May 2017 - 8:00 AM

Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Affiliates: New U.S. Administration Considers New Policies

FDD hosted a conference with the Hudson Institute and The George Washington University's Center for Cyber & Homeland Security featuring keynote discussion with Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense (2006-2011).

14th December 2016 - 9:15 AM

Obama’s Gamble vs. Ike’s Gamble: American Influence in the Middle East

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) hosted a breakfast conversation on Wednesday, December 14, from 9:00am to 10:30am to discuss President Obama's Iran policy with the background of Michael Doran’s new book, Ike’s Gamble: America’s Rise to Dominance in the Middle East.