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1st November 2011 – Cited by Ellen Cannon,

Haji Maki Khan Added to U.S. Terror List

Bill Roggio

Haji Mali Khan is the most recent top Haqqani operatives to be captured and on the official terror list. According to the State Department, Mali Khan “is a Haqqani Network commander who has overseen hundreds of fighters, and has instructed his subordinates to conduct terrorist acts.” more...

24th October 2011 – Cited by UPI

Afghan Minister Targeted, Unhurt

The Long War Journal, quoting the spokesman, said the suicide bomber had tried to attack an advance party of troops as it stopped for prayers in the province. But the bomber was shot and killed before he could detonate his vest. more...

21st October 2011 – Quoted by Anwar Shakir and James Rupert, Bloomberg

As Clinton Pushes Pakistan for Haqqani Offensive, It Fights Lashkar Group

“Enemy number one is Haqqani,” said Major General Daniel Allyn, the top U.S. commander in eastern Afghanistan, in an August interview with the Long War Journal, a U.S.-based monitoring group on the war. more...

23rd September 2011 – Cited by Eltaf Najafizada and James Rupert, Bloomberg

Afghans Say Taliban’s Top Pakistan-Based Leaders Sent Peace Envoy’s Killer

About 30 of the Taliban’s most prominent leaders have served on the shura in recent years, and many of the group’s members may have dispersed to Karachi or other cities to escape possible U.S. attack, according to the Long War Journal, a U.S.- based monitoring group on the Afghan war. more...

14th September 2011 – Quoted by Ben Arnoldy, Christian Science Monitor

Who’s Really Behind the Kabul Attacks?

Bill Roggio

“These are really joint attacks by all these groups. What [the US-led coalition] ISAF has suddenly done is they’ve pivoted due to negotiations, or talks of negotiations, and they are sort of trying to leave the Haqqani Network as the outlier,” says Bill Roggio, editor of the online Long War Journal. more...

11th September 2011 – Quoted by Indrani Bagchi, The Times of India

9/11: 10 Years After

Bill Roggio

Terrorism analyst Bill Roggio says, "Al-Qaida hasn't so much as become a diffused entity as it has embedded itself into local groups, for instance with the Pakistani Taliban and the Haqqani network in the Afghan-Pakistan border area, and has expanded its reach by establishing regional affiliates such as al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula and Shabaab (in Somalia). more...

11th August 2011 – Quoted by Scott Shane, The New York Times

C.I.A. Is Disputed on Civilian Toll in Drone Strikes

Bill Roggio

Others who question the C.I.A. claim include strong supporters of the drone program like Bill Roggio, editor of The Long War Journal, who closely tracks the strikes. more...

14th July 2011 – Quoted by Susan Sachs, The Globe and Mail

General Petraeus leaves a still deadly Afghanistan to head CIA

Bill Roggio

“He’s handing off Afghanistan better than what it was when he took control, but he didn’t get everything he needed and he got outmanoeuvred politically,” said Bill Roggio, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. more...

15th June 2011 – Quoted by Gary Thomas, VOA

US Steps Up Anti-Terrorism Efforts in Yemen

Bill Roggio

The editor of the Long War Journal, Bill Roggio, says the new Yemen drone program appears to be quite similar to the one targeting al-Qaida and Taliban fighters in Pakistan’s tribal regions along the Afghan border. more...

8th June 2011 – Quoted by James Rupert and Frederic Tomesco, Bloomberg

Afghanistan Nation Building May Fail: Senate Report

Bill Roggio

On April 25, Taliban completed a nearly 400-meter tunnel into the city’s main prison and used it to free about 500 fellow guerrillas in what officials said was an inside job. more...

5th June 2011 – Quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald

Ilyas Kashmiri Killed in Drone Attack

Bill Roggio

Kashmiri's death deprives al-Qaeda of a key operational commander just one month after US. Navy commandos killed the group's overall leader, Osama bin Laden, also in Pakistan. more...


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5th February 2014 - 12:00 PM

Understanding al Qaeda and its Affiliates: A Global Threat or JV Squad?

A Conversation with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Bruce Hoffman, Thomas Joscelyn and Jonathan Schanzer

Speaking about organizations claiming allegiance to al Qaeda, President Barack Obama stated that "if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant." The president’s remarks have sparked yet another debate about whether al Qaeda is weakened, whether it is resurgent, or whether it was ever weakened in the first place.  Has the Arab Spring spawned a surge in jihadism? Are these organizations taking advantage of the new environment in the region, or is the expansion of jihadist groups largely independent of the revolutions? How well is Washington’s current approach to al Qaeda working? If the group is growing despite U.S. efforts, how do we put our policies on the right track?

20th August 2013 - 12:00 PM

Al Qaeda and its Affiliates: On Life Support or an Imminent Threat?

A Conversation with Eli Lake, Thomas Joscelyn and Cliff May

Twelve years after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and more than two years after Osama bin Laden was killed, how great of a threat is al Qaeda to the U.S. homeland and America’s interests abroad? Has the instability in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and throughout Africa allowed al Qaeda to grow in size and power? How should the latest threats against America’s diplomatic facilities, paired with the recent prison breaks in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere impact U.S. counterterrorism strategy?