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5th September 2017 – Quoted by Daniel Brown - Business Insider

Taliban releases video of fighters imitating US special forces

Bill Roggio

While much of the video shows how the Taliban conducts ambushes and assaults, the first 10 minutes of it shows militants replete with tactical garb and weapons, and employing their tactics. more...

5th September 2017 – Quoted by David Pugliese - Ottawa Citizen

The Taliban go tacticool….insurgent gunmen mimic U.S. special forces

Bill Roggio

Over the years the Taliban have cranked out various videos for recruiting and propaganda purposes. But a recently released video is catching the attention of some analysts. more...

30th August 2017 – Quoted by Bethany Allen-Ebrahimiam - Foreign Policy

Mapped: The Taliban’s Strongholds in Afghanistan

In Aug. 21, U.S. President Donald Trump announced after months of internal debate inside the administration that he would send more troops to Afghanistan. The announcement indicated that the war there — the longest the United States has ever fought — will not wind down anytime soon. more...

29th August 2017 – Quoted by Andrew C. McCarthy - National Review

In Afghanistan, End the Trump-Obama Taliban Fantasy

Thomas Joscelyn

On the matter of an outcome in Afghanistan after 16 years of fitful war, President Trump is adamant. “The men and women who serve our nation in combat deserve a plan for victory,” he proclaimed in Monday night’s big speech. “They deserve the tools they need, and the trust they have earned, to fight and to win.” more...

25th August 2017 – Quoted by Kelly Jane Torrance - The Weekly Standard

Afghanistan and Its Neighbors

Thomas Joscelyn

Seven months after taking office, President Donald Trump finally announced how his administration plans to fight the longest-running war in American history. “My original instinct was to pull out—and, historically, I like following my instincts,” Trump told the nation in a prime-time address outlining his strategy for Afghanistan. more...

24th August 2017 – Quoted by Indrani Bagchi - The Times of India

Trump’s Afghanistan strategy, if followed through, opens a window of opportunity for India

Bill Roggio

Donald Trump’s gut instinct had said something else, but the demands of the Oval Office prompted him to deliver a “presidential” South Asia strategy. If it is followed through it can have wide-ranging implications for the region. Most important, it gives India a small opportunity to reshape the region and its role in the larger Asian geopolitics. more...

23rd August 2017 – Quoted by Mosaic Magazine

Getting It Right in Afghanistan

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

While praising the president’s announcement Monday night that the U.S. will be sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio express their “doubt [that] this will be enough to win the war.” more...

22nd August 2017 – Quoted by John Fund - Fox News

Trump’s approach to Pakistan is pitch perfect, his Afghan policy not so much

Bill Roggio

President Trump did two bold things in his Afghanistan speech Monday night. One was somewhat wishful thinking and the other was quite smart if he follows through. more...

22nd August 2017 – Quoted by Stephen F. Hayes - The Weekly Standard

Hayes: Is the Taliban a Terrorist Group or a Partner for Peace?

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Donald Trump provided some much-needed clarity about his plan for Afghanistan in a speech to the nation on Monday. The United States won’t be withdrawing anytime soon. We won’t announce in advance our departure dates. We’re not doing nation-building. Afghan security forces will be the offensive lead in the fight against terrorists. Pakistan faces real consequences if leaders there continue to play both sides in this 16-year war. more...

22nd August 2017 – Quoted by Jeff Daniels - CNBC

Trump’s demand to Pakistan could be ‘game-changer’ on Afghanistan

Bill Roggio

President Donald Trump's warning to Pakistan that it must stop harboring terrorist organizations and the Taliban represents "a radical shift" in U.S. policy that could improve the situation in war-torn Afghanistan, according to analysts. more...

22nd August 2017 – Quoted by Amir Tibon - Haaretz

Can Trump Win America’s Never-ending War in Afghanistan?

Bill Roggio

With Trump expected to announce move to send more troops to confront the Taliban and Al-Qaida, defense expert warns that U.S. is merely 'kicking the can in a circle' more...

21st August 2017 – Quoted by Michael Graham - CBS News

Commentary—Trump on Afghanistan: New president, same old dilemma

Thomas Joscelyn

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of President Trump's speech on Afghanistan was how, well, unsurprising it was. It was, with a few notable exceptions, a speech both Presidents Bush and Obama could have given. In fact, I'm pretty sure they did. more...

21st August 2017 – Quoted by Jonathan Landay - Reuters

Despite Expected U.S. Troop Hike, No End in Sight to Afghan War

Bill Roggio

While President Donald Trump opened the door on Monday to beefing up U.S. forces in Afghanistan, he provided few details on how sending more troops will hasten a conclusion to America’s longest war. more...

21st August 2017 – Quoted by Ben Westcott - CNN

Afghanistan: 16 years, thousands dead and no clear end in sight

Bill Roggio

America's longest war continues to trudge on and the bodies continue to pile up. more...

21st August 2017 – Quoted by Post Editorial Board - The New York Post

Trump’s good start on Afghanistan, the left’s Nazi-hunt freakout and other comments

Bill Roggio, Thomas Joscelyn

Deploying several thousand more troops to Afghanistan won’t “be enough to win the war, but it is better than the alternatives offered” to President Trump, assert Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio at The Weekly Standard. more...

14th August 2017 – Quoted by Saagar Enjeti - The Daily Caller

US Obliterates Top Contender To Lead Afghan ISIS Chapter

Bill Roggio

The leading candidate to take the helm of the Islamic State’s affiliate in Afghanistan was killed in a U.S. air-strike on August 10th, U.S. forces Afghanistan announced Sunday. more...

3rd August 2017 – Quoted by Krishnadev Calamur - The Atlantic

Is Trump Right About Afghanistan?

Bill Roggio

The country is still dangerous nearly 17 years after the U.S.-led ouster of the Taliban regime. more...

3rd August 2017 – Quoted by Robin Simcox - The Heritage Foundation

Afghanistan In Crisis: Why Is the Region Still a Hotbed of Terrorism and Violence?

Thomas Joscelyn

Afghanistan is back in the news. Wednesday, 2 U.S. servicemembers were killing in a suicide bombing attack. Already this year, U.S. airstrikes are at their highest level since 2012, and President Trump is considering sending up to 3,000 more troops to support the 8,400 Americans already serving there. more...

2nd August 2017 – Quoted by Robin Simcox - Fox News

Afghanistan in crisis: Why is the region still a hotbed of terrorism and violence?

Bill Roggio

Afghanistan is back in the news. Wednesday, 2 U.S. servicemembers were killed in a suicide bombing attack. Already this year, U.S. airstrikes are at their highest level since 2012, and President Trump is considering sending up to 3,000 more troops to support the 8,400 Americans already serving there. more...

26th July 2017 – Quoted by Krishnadev Calamur - The Atlantic

The Taliban’s Steady Gains

Bill Roggio

Afghan troops have suffered significant losses to the Taliban in recent days, highlighting their country’s security vulnerabilities more than 15 years after the U.S.-led invasion ousted the militant group, as well as President Trump’s reported reluctance to send more troops to the country. more...


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5th February 2014 - 12:00 PM

Understanding al Qaeda and its Affiliates: A Global Threat or JV Squad?

A Conversation with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Bruce Hoffman, Thomas Joscelyn and Jonathan Schanzer

Speaking about organizations claiming allegiance to al Qaeda, President Barack Obama stated that "if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant." The president’s remarks have sparked yet another debate about whether al Qaeda is weakened, whether it is resurgent, or whether it was ever weakened in the first place.  Has the Arab Spring spawned a surge in jihadism? Are these organizations taking advantage of the new environment in the region, or is the expansion of jihadist groups largely independent of the revolutions? How well is Washington’s current approach to al Qaeda working? If the group is growing despite U.S. efforts, how do we put our policies on the right track?

20th August 2013 - 12:00 PM

Al Qaeda and its Affiliates: On Life Support or an Imminent Threat?

A Conversation with Eli Lake, Thomas Joscelyn and Cliff May

Twelve years after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and more than two years after Osama bin Laden was killed, how great of a threat is al Qaeda to the U.S. homeland and America’s interests abroad? Has the instability in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and throughout Africa allowed al Qaeda to grow in size and power? How should the latest threats against America’s diplomatic facilities, paired with the recent prison breaks in Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere impact U.S. counterterrorism strategy?