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4th February 2014 – Quoted by Ali Weinberg, ABC News

US Sends Mixed Message on Doing Business With Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Foreign delegations visiting Iran to talk business ahead of a final nuclear deal send the wrong message to Tehran about its temporary sanctions relief, two Obama... more...

4th February 2014 – Quoted by Deb Riechman, The Associated Press

US Officials: Iran Is Not Open for Business Yet

Mark Dubowitz

U.S. officials said Tuesday that an interim deal with Iran that promises to curb its nuclear program in exchange for some relief from economic sanctions... more...

31st January 2014 – Quoted by Benoit Faucon, Jay Soloman, and Asa Fitch, The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Warns Over Limits of Iran Sanctions Easing

Mark Dubowitz

U.S. officials are fanning out across the globe, privately warning international executives not to commit too much as they re-engage with Iran during a temporary... more...

28th January 2014 – Quoted by Tim Starks, CQ Roll Call

Fate of Iran Sanctions Bill Rests Largely With Reid

Mark Dubowitz

When Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday outlined the Senate agenda for the upcoming work period, he left out a bill that 59 members of his body are co-sponsoring... more...

28th January 2014 – Quoted by Selcan Hacaoglu , Bloomberg

Erdogan Leads Turkey-Iran Trade Mission as U.S. Cautions

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will travel to Tehran today as both countries seek to bolster trade and energy ties while the U.S. cautioned businesses... more...

28th January 2014 – Quoted by Reuters & The Jerusalem Post

Turkey’s Erdogan to Arrive in Iran, Discuss Ankara-Tehran Ties

Jonathan Schanzer

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was expected to arrive in Tehran on Tuesday for a two-day official visit to the Islamic Republic. more...

28th January 2014 – Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Morning Bits

Jonathan Schanzer

The Resurgent is counseling Republicans that the GOP shouldn’t just talk about repealing Obamacare: “Talking in the affirmative on health care includes in part advocating... more...

24th January 2014 – Quoted by Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg

More Bad Omens for the Iran Nuclear Talks

Ali Alfoneh, Reuel Marc Gerecht

The velocity of bad sign-spotting is increasing as we get closer to the main negotiations over Iran's nuclear program. Bad Sign No. 1: I think it’s important to note that... more...

23rd January 2014 – Quoted by Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Rouhani Does Davos

Mark Dubowitz, Emanuele Ottolenghi

Nothing better sums up the disastrous Obama administration’s Iran policy than the Davos invitation extended to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Once President... more...

22nd January 2014 – Quoted by Alex Lawler and Jonathan Saul, Reuters

Exclusive: Iran’s Oil Sales Rise as Sanctions Pressure Eases - Sources

Mark Dubowitz

Iran's oil exports have picked up modestly in January for the third consecutive month, according to sources who track tanker movements, adding to signs that the... more...

22nd January 2014 – Cited by Emily Cadei, Ozy

The Wonks Waging Financial War on Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Few people outside a small circle of Middle East policy experts have ever heard of Mark Dubowitz, a diminutive lawyer turned tech exec turned Iran sanctions guru... more...

20th January 2014 – Quoted by Fredrik Dahl and Justyna Pawlak, Reuters

West, Iran Activate Landmark Nuclear Deal

Mark Dubowitz

Iran has halted its most sensitive nuclear operations under a preliminary deal with world powers, winning some relief from economic sanctions on Monday in a ground... more...

20th January 2014 – Quoted by Aamer Madhani, USA Today

US, EU Begin Sanctions Relief for Iran

Mark Dubowitz

The United States and European Union began easing some economic sanctions against Iran on Monday as Tehran announced that it has ceased certain nuclear... more...

20th January 2014 – Quoted by Adam Kredo, The Washington Free Beacon

White House Seeks to Bypass Congress on Iran Deal

Jonathan Schanzer

The White House has been exploring ways to circumvent Congress and unilaterally lift sanctions on Iran once a final nuclear agreement is reached, according to... more...

19th January 2014 – Quoted by Paul Taylor, Reuters

Rouhani to Woo Business in Davos But Iran Hurdles Abound

Emanuele Ottolenghi

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will court global business in Davos next week after winning an easing of some economic sanctions, but any trade bonanza depends on... more...

17th January 2014 – Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Senate GOP Says Democrats Support Iran Sanctions

Mark Dubowitz

Republican senators will press ahead with a bill that would increase sanctions on Iran as a backstop to negotiations and said no Democrats have... more...

14th January 2014 – Quoted by AFP

Sanctions Relief to Breathe New Life into Iran Economy

Mark Dubowitz

President Hassan Rouhani will be the first Iranian leader in a decade to visit the World Economic Forum in Davos next week, when he’ll have a chance... more...

14th January 2014 – Quoted by Rick Gladstone. The New York Times

Lobbying Picks Up Over Bill to Toughen Antinuclear Sanctions Against Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Partisans in the debate over a Senate bill that would threaten onerous new antinuclear sanctions on Iran escalated their lobbying on Tuesday, with critics... more...

14th January 2014 – Quoted by Oren Dorell, USA Today

Iran Calls Nuclear Pact a Western ‘Surrender’

Mark Dubowitz

Republicans say it is up to Democrats whether new Iran sanctions pass the Senate to ensure Tehran sticks to a deal with the White House to open up its nuclear... more...

14th January 2014 – Quoted by Peter Foster, The Telegraph

White House Concerned About Russia’s Oil for Goods Deal with Iran

Mark Dubowitz

Reports that Russia and Iran were negotiating a multi-billion dollar backdoor trade deal that could undermine upcoming nuclear negotiations with Tehran... more...


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24th October 2013 - 9:30 AM

Rouhani vs the Guards

A Conversation with Dexter Filkins, Mark Dubowitz, Ali Alfoneh, and Reuel Marc Gerecht

As Rouhani rages a full-scale charm offensive, how long before he and Suleimani face-off over the question of the direction and tone of Iran’s foreign policy? How much flexibility will Rouhani have on the nuclear question when the IRGC controls the program? The ultimate question is, at the end of the day, “Who rules Iran?”

16th October 2013 - 12:15 PM

Inside Iran: Understanding Rouhani, the IRGC, and the Supreme Leader

A conversation with Ali Alfoneh, J. Matthew McInnis, and Chris Griffin

A joint briefing with the Foreign Policy Initiative.