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28th November 2017 – Quoted by Ariel Ben Solomon - Jewish News Service

Hezbollah continues ‘absolute dominance’ of Lebanon amid domestic political crisis

Tony Badran

The Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah, which makes up part of Lebanon’s government and has a strong military force that threatens neighboring Israel, is seemingly unaffected by the status of embattled Prime Minister Saad Hariri. more...

22nd November 2017 – Quoted by Bennett Seftel - The Cipher Brief

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Game of Thrones’ In Lebanon

Jonathan Schanzer

The sudden resignation of Saad Hariri as Lebanon’s prime minister during his trip to Riyadh earlier this month raised suspicions about whether Saudi Arabia facilitated Hariri’s departure as part of its broader strategy to counter Iran’s expanding influence across the Middle East. This event could foment instability inside Lebanon and could earmark the country as the next proxy battleground between Saudi Arabia and Iran. more...

14th November 2017 – Quoted by J. Dana Suster - Lawfare

Saudi Power Play Sends Shockwaves Abroad

Grant Rumley

The Middle East is still reeling from the abrupt consolidation of power in Riyadh and escalation of tensions between the kingdom and Iran last week. While Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategy has not grown any clearer, the situation has gotten stranger. more...

14th November 2017 – Quoted by Cristina Maza - Newsweek

What The Fake News Of Sophia The Robot’s Beheading Says About Saudi Arabia And Reader Biases

Jonathan Schanzer

A satirical article claiming that Saudi Arabia beheaded its first and only robot citizen, a talking wonder of artificial intelligence named Sophia, went viral when readers failed to realize that the article was a joke. more...

14th November 2017 – Quoted by Katrina Manson - The Financial Times

US unfreezes Yemeni assets in boost to Saudi-backed government

Mark Dubowitz


9th November 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

Irony is Dead: Rouhani Blasts Saudi Arabia for Interfering in Lebanon’s Internal Politics

Tony Badran

Speaking about Saturday’s resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani blasted Saudi Arabia for what he called its “unprecedented” meddling in Lebanese politics, charging that it had forced Hariri to step down, Iran’s semi-official PressTV news reported Wednesday. more...

8th November 2017 – Quoted by The Tower

Expert: Hariri’s Resignation Shows that “Lebanon is an Iranian Satrapy Run by Hezbollah”

Tony Badran

Saad Hariri’s resignation as prime minister of Lebanon and his denunciation of Iran and its client, Hezbollah, for coming “to control the seams of the state and has the final and decisive say in the affairs of Lebanon and the Lebanese,” was an acknowledgment that “Lebanon is an Iranian satrapy run by Hezbollah,” an expert on Lebanon wrote Wednesday in Tablet magazine. more...

7th November 2017 – Quoted by Ron Kampeas - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

What the political turmoil in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon means for Israel

Jonathan Schanzer

What is MBS? Why did Lebanon’s prime minister resign — and why in Saudi Arabia? What’s Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas doing in Saudi Arabia? Where is Jared Kushner in all this? more...

6th November 2017 – Quoted by Asa Fitch - The Wall Street Journal

Iran-Saudi Cold War Intensifies as Militant Threat Fades

Behnam Ben Taleblu

A cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, fought with proxies seeded across the Middle East, is sharply escalating as the two powers jockey to shape a regional order devoid of Islamic State. more...

6th November 2017 – Quoted by The Indian Express

Who is Mohammad bin Salman?

John Hannah

At 31, he could become one of the longest ruling monarch in Saudia Arabia history. Here is everything you need to know about Saudi's crowned prince Mohammad Bin Salman. more...

6th November 2017 – Quoted by Sean Savage - Jewish News Service

Latest chapter unfolds in ‘developing story’ of covert Israeli-Saudi relationship

Jonathan Schanzer

A flurry of reports involving Israel and Saudi Arabia in recent weeks has increased speculation on the current extent of covert relations between the countries, including with regard to their mutual foe of Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. more...

6th November 2017 – Quoted by Abdullah Al-Shihri and Aya Batrawy - The Associated Press

Saudi arrests of princes consolidates another’s power grab

John Hannah

Saudi Arabia’s heir to the throne is overseeing an unprecedented wave of arrests of dozens of the country’s most powerful princes, military officers, influential businessmen and government ministers — some potential rivals or critics of the crown prince now consolidating his power. more...

6th November 2017 – Quoted by Seth J. Frantzman - The Jerusalem Post

Saudi Crown Prince’s Unprecedented Shakeup Changes Kingdom

Jonathan Schanzer

Arrest of numerous princes and businessmen in corruption probe aims to consolidate power and remake country, experts say. more...

5th November 2017 – Quoted by Alex Rowell - The Daily Beast

One of World’s Richest Men Arrested as 32-Year-Old Saudi Crown Prince Tightens Grip

Tony Badran

Dozens of prominent Saudi princes, ministers, and businessmen, including the flamboyant billionaire investor Prince al-Waleed bin Talal have been arrested on corruption charges. more...

23rd October 2017 – Quoted by Egypt Today

Documentary: ‘Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance’ analyzes Gulf crisis

Jonathan Schanzer

Due to the increasing tensions between Qatar and some Arab countries, notable experts in Middle East policy, international terrorism, and finance provide insight and analysis on Gulf crisis in the educational documentary film “Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance.” more...

14th September 2017 – Quoted by Mohamed Zain - Egypt Today

Qatar crisis hits 100 days, Doha policies remain unchanged

Jonathan Schanzer

One hundred days have passed since countries decided to take a step against the tiny emirate of Qatar and its policies that financed and backed terrorism, contributed in destabilizing the region, drove wedges between neighboring countries and spread chaos to achieve its own schemes and agendas. more...

13th September 2017 – Quoted by Ben Cohen - The Algemeiner

Outrage Over Hamas Fuels Opposition to Planned Meetings Between Qatari Leaders & US Jewish Groups

Jonathan Schanzer

Opposition is mounting within the US Jewish community to a series of planned meetings over the coming week between American Jewish leaders and senior Qatari representatives reported to include the Gulf state’s emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and other members of the ruling family. more...

12th September 2017 – Quoted by Amir Tibon - Haaretz

Qatar Trying to Arrange Meeting With Jewish American Leaders as Part of PR Push

Jonathan Schanzer

'They need to stop funding Hamas,' says ZOA chief, who refused meeting with gas-rich emirate, currently paying to improve its relations with U.S. Jews more...

12th September 2017 – Quoted by Julie Lenarz - The Tower

Who Are the Houthis and Why Do They Shout “Death to America”?

Benjamin Weinthal

In war-torn Yemen, Houthi insurgents call for “death to America, death to Israel, damn the Jews, victory to Islam.” Their violent credo has left a trail of bloody footprints that leads all the way to Tehran. more...

12th September 2017 – Quoted by Joyce Karam - The National

Trump weighing more aggressive Iran strategy in Gulf

Mark Dubowitz

The plan is intended to increase pressure on Tehran to curb its ballistic missile programme and support for militants in the region. more...


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23rd May 2017 - 8:00 AM

Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Affiliates: New U.S. Administration Considers New Policies

FDD hosted a conference with the Hudson Institute and The George Washington University's Center for Cyber & Homeland Security featuring keynote discussion with Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense (2006-2011).

12th February 2016 - 6:03 PM

Rising Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia: Geopolitical and Energy Security Implications

The latest increase in tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia raises questions about the potential for further instability in the region and possible oil supply disruptions. These risks are most apparent in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, home both to more than half of the nation’s oil production and a Shia majority. The panel discussion will focus on how these developments are impacting U.S. national and energy security interests at a time when Iran sanctions are being lifted, allowing Tehran to export its petroleum, further adding to an oversupplied global oil market.